None of these faces are real. All made up by AIs. The end of photography as evidence.

You might be interested in "deep fakes" deep learning video editing software. It uses a library of 1 person's face as training, and overlays that person's face onto a person in a given video, mimicking mouth movement and expressions

@mcpaccard my favorite part of this paper is that the cat generator made this completely horrifying cat meme

@burgin @mcpaccard in the dream you'd see this but you'd be like, of course I can read it. it says 'ass fry'

@morae @mcpaccard clearly it says "hot dog farts" put on your glasses grandma

@mcpaccard "generated" isn't it just slightly mixing up existing photos?

@piggo @mcpaccard I think the video accompanying the paper gives a better overview of what they are doing.

@mcpaccard : Si ça c'est pas un signe qu'on est déjà dans la Matrice :troll:

The technology is great, but unfortunately I can only think of bad applications coming out of this.
If anyone has a good idea, I'd be glad to read it ! :)

@Kandy @mcpaccard I imagine it could be useful for aging up missing persons more effectively? Or better photo manipulation of stock images for book covers?

@JamieEllison @mcpaccard
The missing persons search enhancement is a good use case, you're right !

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@mcpaccard Not sure this is « the end of photography » come on ;) Photography is much more than a digital portrait, don’t you think?

@imacrea "photography as evidence", you missed a part of the sentence.

@mcpaccard ah right.. sorry. Well « evidence » in photography is already ended since decades, no? Problem is maybe people have not fully processed that yet :/

@mcpaccard Why don't you tell the relevant news? We can have now literally infinite cat pictures!

«Uncurated set of images produced by our style-based
generator (config F ) with the LSUN C AT dataset at 256²»
@mcpaccard (just kidding, it concerns me a lot. thank you for the info!)
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