Along the wave of new users, there are a of reminders of how Mastodon works: technical basics such as how instances work, content warnings, etiquette, but also a lot of very granular advice on how to behave towards newbies, non binary folx, gendered terms, young and minors, how and when to report abuse, what admins are here for... and that is great. 1/2

One of the sentences I repeat the most when designing is « state the obvious ». It creates a healthier background for everyone and equips most of us with sane communication / behaviour basics.

And this is what is REALLY missing from all the Silicon Valley apps and platforms: they never stated the obvious such as « don’t be a dick / abusive / nazi ». Mastodon and fediverse folx chose to state the(ir) rules instead of letting things go south and waving their "we’re innocent" arms afterwards. 2/2

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