This ad for the new Ford Mustang sums up everything that is wrong about our civilisation. It mocks public transportation and presses all our buttons for seeking uniqueness and freedom, even if simulated. Yet, the vehicle appears to be utterly beautiful, a glossy dash of orange splashing out of a grayish universe. Sound is raw, appealing. We designers have done so much wrong by helping marketing in their mission to make cars desirable...

I feel so weird after having watched it. I feel horrible because I have come to literally hate cars for what they represent today: fake social status, toxic masculinity symbol, domination over pedestrians and the poor. But man, this ad mist send some subliminal waves or something, because at the end, I was in awe. So many buttons pushed in my poor brain.

@mcpaccard And it's even worse if you ever had the chance to drive one of these beasts...
We're full of paradoxes sis'! :)

@mcpaccard Ads mocking ecologic transportation always make me mad, but never as much as this one.

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