You can’t imagine how coloured hair can be an amazing repellent against a variety of narrow minded, toxic, misogynistic people. Yellow hair is my social filter and it’s super effective.
RT sis fully murdered him

@mcpaccard I find light pink still gets read as blonde. Blue hair = nobody is helping me carry my case up the stairs in tube stations.

@mcpaccard I feel like this just makes a ton of sense to me.

i had a lot fewer obnoxious encounters with guys when my hair was a red, yellow mess hahaha

@mcpaccard only one of the servers where I work has dyed hair (blue/green) and that was almost all it took for me to gain the courage to come out to her

@mcpaccard I usta have a bright pink mohawk but I haden't transitioned yet so everybody told me how cool it was and that I was "badass" for having pink hair.

S'fucking pink not a live grenade geez.

@mcpaccard what about all dozens of species of birds that use bright colors to get a mate???? what??????

men are fucking weird, holy shit

@mcpaccard I love brightly coloured hair, I just wish I had the nerve to do it myself X'D

@tazersilverscar it can be a bit intimidating at first if you’ve never done it. Maybe try it on a little portion like on 10cm of the tips if you’ve got long enough hair!

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