Alright, so now, make said scooter service and business model respect human rights and human efforts, because right now it is disgusting and horrifying. Behind e-scooters, there are underpaid, precarious "jobs" aimed at vulnerable people. The gig economy makes me sick.

In France, people who charge said at night are not even employed, but forced to create their own company, then paid less and less to roam the streets looking for these sh*ts, bring them home to be plugged in their bedrooms and place them back on predefined spaces before morning. Spoiler: you can’t make a decent wage out of that. You get no decent healthcare nor work conditions usually regulated by employment law. Horrible.

The gig economy in a nutshell. It drives me mad and furious. None of the sh*t people have to suffer shows before the shiny, "designed in California" white and green scooter. None of the ecological damage either.

The gig economy prays on the weakest and claims it solves problems. Not only it doesn’t, but it creates other issues that are driving us faster down the pit.

@caillou yup. Like Uber & co, the model is totally opaque and users really believe it’s glossy, disruptive and cool.

'I work in the gig economy'
So you're unemployed?

'I live in an AirBnB'
So you're homeless?

@mcpaccard we were wondering about those, if it was the city or private company :/ disgusting as usually :(

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