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In order to celebrate an achievement of 2018, I am very proud to share with you the first time a techdudebro mansplained me the conference I'd just given.

This is just a very brief moment extracted from the 270 seconds of his first rant. He ranted some more after my answer and came back later on when I was off stage and argued with me without listening fo more than 20mn. Extremely educational.

(sorry for the heavy GIF, bear with me!)

"Humane by design": a guide to the best practices for empowering, more inclusive, respectful digital design

Check out the "Resources" page, it's full of amazing links and readings.

May contain bits of @indie !

the alternative to YouTube is text

video is one of the most expensive, most privileged, most inaccessible ways of spreading ideas

it has always been a medium where the rich have controlled what the rest of us see

Capitalism is destroying the Earth. We need a new human right for future generations

> The children on climate strike are right: their lives should not be sacrificed to satisfy our greed

"Our theory also can shed light on why, as previous research has found, women tend to apologize more than men. Society often imposes a 'warmth premium' on women, making it more important for them to be perceived of as warm as opposed to competent"

Thanking, Apologizing, Bragging and Blaming: Responsibility Exchange Theory and the Currency of Communication:

I don't do this often, but a friend of mine in Amsterdam is desperately looking for a job as a developer. 11 years of experience in mobile tech (iOS, Xamarin) and has been project manager and unit manager. She's got a work permit and is one of the best devs I know. RT+DM.

if there's one person I recommend is her, and my opinion is that she's being silently discriminated for being a woman. Please contact me via DM if you're looking for the best hire you've seen in a long time.

Hello Mastodon! Please welcome @gauthier , prominent fellow designer who dedicated his practice to the transition towards a limited Earth!

As @mcpaccard said yesterday I've published a low tech guide for web design! Don't hesitate to ask me questions about it!

Les @jdll #2019 se rapprochent 👍 ✨
En attendant le programme complet, c'est encore possible de faire un p'tit don pour faciliter l'organisance de cet incontournable rendez-vous libriste 😜 🤸 #merci 🎈

In Marseille, France, some #GiletsJaunes hanged a banner reading " you are emptying the city for the bourgeois! Speculators we will track you!"

Under it another one on which is written
"2004 République Street : 200 families displaced!,
2018 Marseille 2000 homeless, 33000 empty homes!
Occupy now!"

I must say i'm loving the vibe lately.

EN— Here's Gauthier Roussilhe's low tech web design guide as well as his own path to his own website visual & technical redesign:

FR— Gauthier Roussilhe nous propose un guide très complet de web design et expose sa propre démarche de refonte. Une mine d'or !

Here's a VERY VERY important talk by Liz Jackson: "Empathy Reifies Disability Stigmas". Enlightening, challenging, provocative and exactly on point.

Designers, please listen closely to each and every second of this talk (subtitles available)

Modération et CoC Show more

A la recherche de ressources sur la modération et les codes de conduite !

Words are a powerful thing. Join me in becoming a catalyst for change by paying more attention to yours. Together we can the workplace, once and for all.

Thoughts on IWD2019 / mentions of crimes done to women Show more

Thoughts on IWD2019 / mentions of crimes done to women Show more

To all the women of the world:

Stay strong in the struggle for equality and justice. Keep resisting and organizing.

Tor is here for you. #IWD2019 #InternationalWomensDay

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