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If you behave like a techbro (see toot above), you will be rewarded with sarcasm, then dismissal.

Last but not least, just know that I enjoy (and therefore post / retoot) things that can end up being quite stressful and dry for a lot of people, such as Anthropocene related articles, videos, figures, etc.

I try my best to label such posts with hashtags that you can hide like etc


Thanks and welcome!

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Also, if you are not willing to put yourself into question, put tech and design's myths into question, step back from our current culture of over-consumption and extractivism, if you can't make a difference between cordial conversation online and demanding debate and time from someone (especially a woman) only on your terms, I'm afraid we will not get along that well.

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Hi to new followers! (thanks @vincib :D)

Welcome to my feed. Some toots might feel rough, it's by design.

Make sure you have carefully read my bio and that you agree with the following statements. Else, I'm afraid my feed will not be a place of joy for you:

- Elon Musk and similar billionaires will not save us
- Billionaires should not exist
- Uber, Google, Amazon, Facebook & co MUST be regulated/dismantled
- Trans women are women
- Punch nazis
- Degrowth & low-tech are the only way to go

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[FR] Ma feuille de route "design" pour 2020 est publiée. Quelles thématiques occuperont mes pensées et mes actions pour les mois qui viennent ?

etc... Bonne lecture !

(EN translation coming soon!)

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Do you remember the last time your opinion of a service or product radically changed, and why? Something you found absolutely ridiculous / ugly / useless and that you ended up liking / buying / using?

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Call for ideas for an online design sprint we are currently running!

Do you have in mind a product or service that was socially unacceptable or taboo that became vastly accepted later on?

Samples of some of my current knitting projects in an attempt to add a little colour to your lives <3 (most yarn is from Countess Ablaze, a talented indie dyer from Manchester UK)

« L’autonomie est le mot le plus important chez Ivan Illich » - En compagnie d philosophe et urbaniste Thierry Paquot, retour sur l’oeuvre riche d'Ivan Illich, qui a forgé dès les années 1970 le concept de décroissance. >

You need this today, trust me ♥️😻


Je sais pas pour vous mais j’arrête pas de me faire croquer la petite main.


Hoooooooo <3

"Nitter is a free and open source alternative Twitter front-end focused on privacy. No JavaScript or ads. All requests go through the backend, client never talks to Twitter. Prevents Twitter from tracking your IP or JavaScript fingerprint. Unofficial API (no rate limits or developer account required), etc

Regarding Jitsi Meet servers:
There is a recent trend to use Jitsi Meet, a JavaScript WebRTC application, for videoconferencing.

Please note that these video conferences aren't end-to-end encrypted. This means server-side parties can monitor your activity. If you want to use Jitsi hosted by others, look for a comprehensive privacy policy as always.

There could be additional legal requirements if you want to use third-party Jitsi servers for school or work.

#jitsi #privacy #security #infosec

European mobile operators share data for coronavirus fight - Reuters

MILAN/BERLIN (Reuters) - Mobile carriers are sharing data with the health authorities in Italy, Germany and Austria, helping to fight coronavirus by monitoring whether people are complying with curbs on movement while at the same time respecting Europe’s privacy laws. The data, which are anonymous and aggregated, make it possible to map concentrations (...)

Hello tous.tes vous savez s'il y'a des programmes de recherche (idéalement orientés sur #covid) qui tirent partie de la mise en commun de ressources machines à travers internet comme folding@home - rosetta - seti etc mais basés en Europe ? :)

"Everyone with a fake job gets to stay home and get paid to drop funny gifs into Slack, everyone with a real job has to be a frontline pandemic worker or get fired."


The countries taking the lead on the global stage to help others contain the coronavirus—Cuba and China—show definitively that neoliberalism is a death spiral that must be replaced by state-oriented, planned economies built around people, not just profit

[FR] Une intervention qui tombe à point ! Alexandre Monnin nous parle de notre "monde organisé" (terme justement pointé par Emmanuel Bonnet) et de l'omnipotence (illusoire ?) des organisations.

L'occasion de sortir cette citation d'Henry Mintzberg qui illustre le propos d'Alexandre.

COVID-19 and the myth of productivity, ppl afraid of being bored when confined at home 

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COVID-19 and the myth of productivity, ppl afraid of being bored when confined at home 

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COVID-19 and the myth of productivity, ppl afraid of being bored when confined at home 

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