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[FR] Ma feuille de route "design" pour 2020 est publiée. Quelles thématiques occuperont mes pensées et mes actions pour les mois qui viennent ?

etc... Bonne lecture !

(EN translation coming soon!)

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[FR] "Tous les avantages de l’humanité sont toujours pris à quelqu’un et à quelque chose dans l’espace et dans le temps."

L'impasse de l'anticapitalisme - Conférence de @vmignerot à Sciences Po Lyon

“We [white men in tech] freak out when everything doesn’t go our way because everything went our way for soooo long.” — Mike Monteiro in "The 2020 Guide for White Men in Tech [Medium paywall]

Une synthèse de l'actualité des Communs repérée la semaine du 17 au 23 février 2020 par l'équipe du projet "Les Communs d'abord !"

Aucune, nous sommes d'accord. Mais un paquet d'élus peuvent te lister une pelletée de raisons (la securitay). Et en droit ça a l'air bien pratique, la vérification de la fameuse/fumeuse nécessité se fait a posteriori, et pas systématiquement, alors que les données sont déjà dans le fichier.

Un décret permet de stocker dans un fichier de notes de gendarmerie des données personnelles "relatives à la prétendue origine raciale ou ethnique, aux opinions politiques, philosophiques ou religieuses, à l'appartenance syndicale, à la santé ou à la vie sexuelle ou l'orientation sexuelle", avec un faux garde fou de "nécessité absolue"

Reading some #stoic writings this morning, got a bit tired of Epictetus' repeated references to "wenches". "Pretty wenches", "cheap wenches" etc. I understand he was advanced for his time, but doesn't stop it occasionally becoming tiresome.

Can anyone recommend their favourite #female #philosopher I should go read? Looking for some advanced, insightful thinking with a perspective from the other side of the fence, so to speak.

Decentralize - for real! Move away from and find a small and cozy instance. #decentralize

It is very difficult for white people on the fedi to accept people that don't look like them have a very different experience in these spaces.

White folks actively look for people to affirm their biases and call this diversity rather than not taking the easy way out and just learning something new.

This is the baseline culture for a lot of instances. This behavior is acceptable in alleged progressive spaces.

And this is one of the main obstacles to us coming together.

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Google Fi's terms are insane. You have to agree to let them pass all your data over a vpn to Google's network.

All. Your. Data.

They say it's to "enhance your privacy and security."

There is no privacy or security when sending all your data to the worlds biggest privacy violator.

And even that's not true, because in that timeframe, bezos gets richer, too.

Datagueule qui parle de captation de l'attention et de réseaux sociaux avec @angiegaudion dedans, c'est 👌 :blobcatheart:

Trop hâte de la diffuser autour de moi :3

(Techduddos, please refrain from getting into my mentions with names of online shops that can replace Amazon, thanks! )

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Remember that it would take you MORE than 2020 years to get richer than Bezos at the rate of 7000$/hour. Let it sink in for a second.

Make sure that not a cent of your money goes to Amazon at all. Close your account. Everything will be fine. Trust your local shops and retailers. Use your privilege to accept the discomfort of having to shop a bit further, to wait a bit longer for goods that you will buy somewhere else, online or IRL.

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The Guardian — Concerns over safety at Amazon warehouses as accident reports rise

“Hundreds of stricken Amazon workers are needing urgent medical attention. Conditions are hellish."

"...the accident was reported by an Amazon worker who would not give their name because they were “worried about getting sacked”."

@mcpaccard this is not a conversation about entitlement; that certainly came far out of left field.

That's not at all what this was about, but maybe there's a language barrier? Regardless, have a nice day.
@mcpaccard so if you don't want conversation why are you posting it? This is what I struggle to understand with this weird trend of social media usage. The point of these platforms is to engage in discourse.

Isn't it selfish to want others to read your thoughts/messages but you don't want to hear theirs?

Doesn't this style of mental note taking belong in a private diary/journal or on a blog where others can't respond?

I honestly want to know what you as an author get out of this; this is nothing personal.

It makes me wonder if we should create a feature to allow you to post into your own timeline so you can see it but nobody else can
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