@geoffreycrofte oooh yeah, Figma breaking references definitely sucks, I’ve had it happen multiple times before too. We need Figma equivalent of Sketch’s “Replace with…”

“The future isn’t a mark on a map; it’s the map itself. Collectively we get to decide which coordinates to head to.” - I’m re-reading “Future Ethics” and I still can’t get over how good this book is.

@mcpaccard either they’re buying purchase data from your credit card company or you’re leaving traces of information somewhere that lets the algorithm figure it out.

To be fair though, cookie dough is a very popular flavor of B&J too, so it might simply be demographic match.

@geoffreycrofte can’t you cut and paste it? Or do you want to keep the master-instance link without turning the new document into a library?

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Developers: Code generated by design tools is so bad!

Also developers: React <Button> component that returns… two nested divs and a bunch of JavaScript to reinvent default browser button event handlers.