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Tonight I watched Free Solo at the movie theater. WOW. Just… WOW. I’ve never felt so tense during a movie, my palms were sweaty!

It doesn’t matter if you’re into climbing or not. This movie is just SO good. Go watch it, 100% on Rotten Tomatoes so far.

Holy shit, what a day for the stock market! 🤣

Am I the only person who takes screenshots on a daily basis since I got the iPhone X and XS? 🤔😅

There is a cool switch tester sold on After trying this, I decided to go with a Cherry MX Red (linear, low actuation point). Do NOT buy an entire keyboard before knowing which switch you like!!! 😊

DONE! The F and J keys have a slightly different shape to find your way back to the home row.

I’ve also tried some 50A o-rings. Key travel is the same, but the bottoming is obviously harder, and louder (something I wanted to avoid).

Hopefully, this photo will highlight it enough… The difference in orientation, height, and surface between Cherry profile and DSA one is huge 😮

These Cherry plate-mounted stabilizers are so good. There was nothing like this back in the days! 😮

Replacing the keycaps of my new backlit Pok3r keyboard… From ABS Cherry to PBT DSA. Also adding some 40A o-rings for a softer bottom out. This is such a long work! 🤣

I wanted to use "in primis" on a presentation I'm making. Do english-speaking people use this latin expression?

@huphtur @kevin @vrmchk

I think it's very good! Definitely something we could share with a friend to let them understand a bit more our world. Music by Eno is hypnotic, and amazing. There are even two or three very funny moments. 🙃 I wouldn't watch it with big groups of people though, it's very slow and best enjoyed on a couch.

I bought a poster personally signed by Dieter!! 😮

At the SF premiere of (Dieter) RAMS documentary, by Gary Hustwit. I’m SO excited!! 😍

This new aliasing in macOS Mojave is driving me crazy. What a change, especially stuff that uses Roboto! 😭

I've been working at Netflix for almost three years. Updating my personal website to explain it seems like an insurmountable task I'll never be able to deal with 🤣

I doubt I will use Memojis again, but I had a good fifteen minutes of fun with my wife in setting up ours 🤣

I'm really enjoying Mastodon. I rarely see something totally unrelated to the instance I'm following in the Local timeline. I'm very open to other subjects, but that's the moment when I make an intentional choice and follow a specific person living in another instance.

Today I simply embraced a neverending context-switching workflow, without fighting it. I accomplished many things, but nothing really impactful in the grand scheme of things. Needless to say, this “jumping here and there” is toxic for people who have to focus on Product Design.

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