Guys: “Well you know, there were many people working on those algorithms, it’s not only Katie Bouman work but rather a team effort.”

Also guys: “Elon Musk is sending rockets on Mars, he makes electric cars, he invented tunnels, he’s such a genius, I love him.”

@loriskumo actually the second statement doesn't take truth away from the first one

@agony you're just proving my point.
Kudos on the "actually" too. 👌

@loriskumo i thought the point was how we treat and talk about people that have made "achievements" in science (the " is for Elon Musk, katie bouman ofc has made achievements in science) regarding their gender

Also I don't know what kudos mean

@agony the point was the double standards some people had between different types of people. In my silly example: Musk's fanboys who could harass a young scientist but still be in awe listening to their billionaire hero.

Your message seemed too go that way, especially with the use of "actually" which is often a mansplainer red-flag.

@loriskumo I understand, my point was simply that I believe that we should praise everyone in the team not only Katie Bouman because if it were me I'd honestly like to get some recognition.

Said that I think that it's great and important that we give coverage to female science icons since historically females have been erased from science.

To conclude, I think we should give credit where is due, and we shouldn't forget the rest of the team, that I'm sure also worked very hard on the project.

@loriskumo In a few years maybe we will only remember Katie Bouman as it happens with Margaret Hamilton but right now I think we should try to keep in mind that it was a team that made it possible, because science isn't about individuals but the conjoined efforts of scientists. (I could keep ranting about how I don't like worshiping scientists as if they were descendants of god or anything but I'll stop here).

She in fact said that she was part of a team and not an individual

@agony You mentioned Katie Bouman (twice) and Margaret Hamilton and never said credit was due to the SpaceX or Tesla teams too.

See the problem I'm trying to highlight here?

@loriskumo I understand but I think that what should be done is crediting SpaceX/Tesla teams and demistifying the figure of Elon Musk (who only is a rich man whitout any notable goals whatsoever, and who pais people so he can get the merit) and not doing the same (to my judgement) error with female scientist.

And yes, I know, many people complain about this only with regards to female scientist and I understand the reason behind, but I still think all of the above.

@agony if you still don’t or won’t get the intention behind my first Toot, sorry to say it but you’re part of the problem.

I’m done explaining it another time.

@loriskumo I get the intention and the contrast you were making

@agony @loriskumo

It is called double standard. You can consider the 1st to be the right way to say it, or the 2nd, but not both at the same time.

@loriskumo if Elon Musk invented tunnels they'd be marketed as "tunnels from anywhere to everywhere" but only ever go 20% of that distance and randomly collapse.

@loriskumo how about we compromise and put elon musk into a black hole


Everyone: rage storm over how to attribute credit to people working on cool projects

No one: being productive and working on cool projects

Worst timeline. This is why we'll never see Hurd in our lifetimes. :blob_cry:

@yari_daisuke being productive and working on cool projects doesn’t prevent me to rant over sexist comments. 😉


Good on you, then. :blobfistbumpR:

Just as a note, I hope my comment wasn't interpreted as saying yours was unwarranted / unnecessary. It was meant to be directed at the sort of people you were critiquing.

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