Just realised… every single event in the Back To The Future trilogy is set in the past now…

Debunking an old rule: "The 3-Click Rule for Navigation Is False"

Large accessible menus, clear titles and links or avoiding multiple drop downs will help your IA much more that trying to make everything available in 3 clicks or less.


Seems like Dribbble has lost the hype it once got…

Do you know any student, junior designer or someone else who would benefit one of these invite to showcase their work? First arrived first served, I'd be happy to help.

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Hey, I have two Dribbble invites and apparently they have an expiration date.

🏀If you want to be drafted, send me a link to your Dribbble profile or your e-mail.

Ok, the Quartz daily brief is definitely not messing around today on the topic of mass shootings and white supremacy in the USA…

Hello @Squarespace@twitter.com!
In the site visibility option, it would actually be really useful to allow users to display the password. Super useful when we need to share it.

Hey, I have two Dribbble invites and apparently they have an expiration date.

🏀If you want to be drafted, send me a link to your Dribbble profile or your e-mail.

I really love @baronfig@twitter.com's products. I just placed an order for a sketchbook refill…
I'm using their notebooks daily and my backpack is often with me when I'm around.

Use this referral link on your next order, it will make us both a discount: baronfig.refr.cc/lorisg

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Le logo actuel de Ouest-France, le plus grand journal francophone qui fête ses 75 ans, est l'œuvre d'un graphiste suisse, Theo Ballmer. OF raconte l'histoire de ce logo dans un petit papier ouest-france.fr/medias/ouest-f

Kind reminder, the worst nightmares of the graphic designer are:
• selecting a Pathfinder option
• aligning a bunch of logos so they look balanced
• InDesign tables
• Microsoft's Presentation Tool Who Shall Not Be Named

This InDesign document is clean and easy.

It would be a shame if we added to it…

…a table!

Do you have Visual/UI design best practices?

I feel that we have tons of workshops, tools and literature on UX/Interaction Design but the visual part is most often lest out to simple taste (which varies from person to person).

Vous prenez des vacances en août?

Jetez un œil sur mon guide de vacances du free-lance. Vous y trouverez sûrement quelque chose qui vous intéresse (même si vous n’êtes pas indépendant•e).


I really love the work of Bellerby Globemakers! It's such a beautiful work of art… 🌍😍

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The art of globe making hasn't quite died yet

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Je suis officiellement à la recherche d’un poste si possible à temps partiel. webdesigner / graphiste / WordPress.. region montreux et alentours

Thanks to @DenseDiscovery@twitter.com, I've just discovered write.as

It's a minimalist, privacy-focused, blogging platform that looks like a good alternative to the crippled pop-up nest that has become Medium.

J'ai testé pour vous: Dehors.

N'y allez pas, il y fait beaucoup trop chaud!

This and I’ve also –at several occasions– double tapped on my paper sheet to undo my last line…

The @Procreate@twitter.com muscle memory is strong…

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You know when you're finally used to drawing with an ipad when this happens... on this very sketch.

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