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A New Zealand journalist is being praised around the world for her determined effort to shut down the spread of Covid-19 conspiracy theories during an interview with a minor party politician

Creating colour palettes ils a difficult job.
Maybe Swtachos would help making it more playful and tangible.
I've just backed it: kickstarter.com/projects/andyb

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馃槻 @Hulu@twitter.com did it. They- they actually did it. Check out our @NY_Comic_Con@twitter.com exclusive clip!

Tweet d鈥檜tilit茅 publique!

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Je vous montre comment changer l'ic么ne d'Instagram :

I don鈥檛 know who this is but until I do this is a Final Fantasy boss to me.

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beautiful moon stage

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Ce weekend, dans T, le suppl茅ment de @LeTemps@twitter.com, @marinarollman@twitter.com s'est gliss茅e dans la peau de Sissi pour ses derni猫res heures entre l'H么tel Beau-Rivage et le quai du Mont-Blanc.

Merci 脿 @SBenoitGodet@twitter.com d'avoir eu l'id茅e folle de me confier un shooting mode!

- Clap hands to make bubbles.
- Beware of large eared monkeys.
- Men and women must stay appart.

(seen on gov.uk)

- Clap hands to make bubbles.
- Beware of large eared monkeys.
- Men and women must stay appart.

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hi i made reaction gifs for every woman to use on every single day of their dang life

Apr猫s quelques ann茅es d鈥檃uto-censure, je l鈥檃ssume et l鈥檃nnonce: coquillettes + thon en bo卯te + ketchup = le parfait repas plateau t茅l茅 vite fait bien fait.

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J鈥檃i du atteindre l鈥櫭e adulte pour d茅couvrir qu鈥檌l n鈥櫭﹖ait pas commun de mettre du ketchup dans le riz ou dans les p芒tes鈥

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On peux parler des traditions propres 脿 notre famille ?
Chez moi, on a toujours manger la soupe avec des TUC.

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Conspiracy theories are like the 鈥瀢rong answers only鈥-meme 鈥 but without irony.

For this year鈥檚 , I decided to draw a spaceship everyday.

Check out my Instagram if you want to make this journey with me: Instagram.com/loriskumo

Hey everyone! 馃憢
In case you missed it, last week I launched my store. For the first time, I'm selling prints of my illustrations.

Check it out: loriskumo.com/shop

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