Am I doing something wrong? My local timeline hasn’t updated in 5 days. I thought that would be ALL posts in

Sat and talked with a jr designer for a few hrs today and I feel like I want to do more mentoring.

Making more progress on our Mastodon client! (I should really add upload functionality to the app so I don’t have to use other apps to post sneak peeks anymore 😅)

Right now I’m working with a brand that does little to help itself stand out and it’s bumming me out.

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Brand, photography, iconography, colors, typography etc should work all together complimenting and enhancing each other.

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Sometimes it’s hard to do nice work for a brand when the palette is such an afterthought.

There are very few things as rewarding to me as seeing some of my reports handle a complex situation extremely well on their own like it’s no problem.

Is anyone using a mac client and or an ios client they can recommend?

I just downloaded whalebird for mac -->

👋 Hey all

I'm Kyle, a designer at RadioPublic. I'm helping build the best podcast app, and sustainable marketplace to help podcasters keep making their shows.

I'm super excited to be part of this community, and to help it grow.

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