Bit confused about and on sites. If I see a WP blog on how do I know what handle to search for and follow via ?

The rumours are true, we are working on a mobile app.

- Snap, Caption, Post

- No timelines, only for posting

- Only works with Pixelfed

- Android and iOS versions

- Will continue to support 3rd party APIs

Beta version due out next year! #pixelfed

I've been using and loving on my phone for a while now. My must-have apps: @fdroidorg @Tutanota, @fedilab, @riotchat, @TwidereProject, @Telegram, @OpenVPN, @Firefox,

Using Twitter and at the same time feels a lot like dual booting Windows and .

Twitter / Windows have a bunch of people doing interesting things I want to be involved with, but I sure do wish they'd all come over to Mastodon / Linux instead.

I like to keep my online conversations mostly to design and tech, but I have to break a bit because some of my fellow Aussies over on Twitter are making me flabbergasted.

Apparently it's the fault of environmental activists, and not climate change, that half our country is on fire in "unprecedented", "catastrophic" conditions.

I mean....

Sigh.... :(

People in , , or any other , come and join our cozy little growing Mastodon community over at

I'm there / here as: @kezzbracey

(Testing cross posting to Twitter using "BirdSite" for Firefox)

So I just discovered the reworked Live Path Effects panel in the 1.0 beta and it's looking slick as. Lots of new stuff to tinker with here that I think is going to change my Inkscape workflow significantly.

Hi I'm Kezz, I'm a web designer as my main focus but I also like to do a little game art / game dev and other digital art as an when I'm able.

Looking forward to chatting with you all.

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