@victorkernes Very nice! Not sure what I would use it for, but I wish it worked on the 5K display too.

@marcedwards I need to test this, but I wonder what’s the darkest color you can use before getting black smearing.

When you talk about Adobe XD for 5 minutes on a podcast and the product manager tweets at you 😅👋

@lucaorio @huphtur Can’t wait to watch it! So jealous about the poster 😄

Real privilege is worrying that you may have made the wrong choice between the Stainless Steel Watch and the Space Black Stainless Steel Watch…

Anyways. What should I do?!? 😅😂

Remind me, why do I keep booking Airbnbs when I keep having bad experiences with them? 🧐

@philip Ended up not ordering a phone at all. I couldn’t justify it coming from the X 😅

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