I find maintaining two social networks (Twitter and Mastodon 👋) a bit difficult. Anyone else feeling the same way? I kind of want to be all in on one or the other… 🤔

@kevin there was a toot about someone saying that since a persons roots are available via RSS, you could use a IFTTT recipe to post on Mastodon that’ll tweet the update to the birdsite. I’ll probably do something similar in the future.

@kevin I’ve basically given up on tweeting for now, and I feel a lot less stress, tbh. If I go back there, I’ll probably start fresh and keep it entirely career related follows (design, etc, no current events dramas).

@kevin totally. Discovered over the long weekend that without an app I tended to only check Twitter. Super stoked that you and Rafa are working on an app for Mastadon!

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