Making more progress on our Mastodon client! (I should really add upload functionality to the app so I don’t have to use other apps to post sneak peeks anymore 😅)

@kevin I see a bug… I boosted the toot you are acting on as well as the toot below it… but it shows like I tooted it…

@kevin looks good 👍. The only thing that bothers me is a “new toot” icon in the upper right corner - it is really hard to reach it with one hand 😬

@vrmchk @kevin this is totally on our radar — I'm not a fan of top right corner either 👌

@kevin Will it have a reasonable tablet mode as well? By reasonable, I mean something a bit like what Tweetbot does for that bird site, and not just splashing all posts to the full width of the display, even in both portrait and landscape modes. Here’s hoping!

@kode54 @kevin Right now it’s optimized for iPhone, but yeah, it shouldn’t be too hard to make it work well on iPad.

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