When you talk about Adobe XD for 5 minutes on a podcast and the product manager tweets at you 😅👋

Real privilege is worrying that you may have made the wrong choice between the Stainless Steel Watch and the Space Black Stainless Steel Watch…

Anyways. What should I do?!? 😅😂

Remind me, why do I keep booking Airbnbs when I keep having bad experiences with them? 🧐

The two things that are tricky about outsourcing front-end development of personal projects is:
1) It’s hard to measure the ROI of these projects
2) Managing someone takes a lot of work and is a long term investment

One of the best skill I’ve developed over the past year is the ability to recognize high-leverage actions. For any given task ask yourself: “do we need *me* to do it or we need *someone* to do it?”

In other words, if there’s added value that only you can bring by working on it, do it yourself. Otherwise, delegate that task.

I think I don’t enjoy front-end development anymore. I can do it, but it’s just so tedious to get every little detail right for each breakpoint. I’m this close to hiring someone to write the front-end code for my side projects too. 😅

Just had to change a flight last minute because I have to travel to one of our other offices before coming back home from Amsterdam.

My priority: minimizing time spent in airports.

Oh no I’ve become a “fancy business man” who’s traveling for work all the time 😮😅

To me “fail fast, fail often” is unhelpful advice. Here’s how I think about it instead:

Fail fast = What is the quickest way to know if you’re right or wrong?

Fail often = Nothing is a total failure if you learn something from it. Put yourself in situations where you’ll learn.

Anther great piece of writing by Ueno, this time on why it’s really tough to sponsor a visa: loremipsum.ueno.co/dear-ueno-w

I find maintaining two social networks (Twitter and Mastodon 👋) a bit difficult. Anyone else feeling the same way? I kind of want to be all in on one or the other… 🤔

There’s something about refactoring code to be simpler that is deeply satisfying to me. Another great article by Sundell: swiftbysundell.com/posts/early

You know it’s a long weekend when all of your friends are in Brooklyn.

Ok, the profile view @rafa and I designed tonight is fire (sneak peek coming soon 👀)

After years of being in the design industry, everytime I start a project I think “oh god, what if I can’t solve this one?”

Making more progress on our Mastodon client! (I should really add upload functionality to the app so I don’t have to use other apps to post sneak peeks anymore 😅) mastodon.design/media/HzZm1upn mastodon.design/media/7ZDj6Dm2

There are very few things as rewarding to me as seeing some of my reports handle a complex situation extremely well on their own like it’s no problem.

To yoga or not to yoga… that is the question.

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