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Two fics I'm following updated today and I am mad about it because i already blew through the chapters.

*looks through my Japanese review notes*

Why did i think it was a good idea to learn Japanese via Spanish, a language i have only been studying for 3 months (this iteration)?????? Why???

We Can Rebuild You: Fanfic and Character Development

As John Appel pointed out recently, writer Twitter can be counted on to have a flare up of Bad Takes and Reactions to Bad Takes like the rising and setting of the sun (just with more memes and gifs). One of the most recent takes to garner a lot of attention -- exactly as its author knew it would --

#characterdevelopment #fanfic #twitter #writing

We read books to find out who we are. What other people, real or imaginary, do and think and feel... is an essential guide to our understanding of what we ourselves are and may become. - Ursula K. Le Guin

Fundraising: RPGs for layout software 

A number of us in the self-publishing indie RPG community have grown to like Affinity Publisher for layout.

However, not every artist can afford a copy.

So I (and 52 other RPG folks) have put together a bundle of our games to raise funds to buy Publisher licenses for low-income creators.

$20 gets you 67 games and a warm fuzzy feeling. Take a look!

Finally put this up publicly on twitter so I'll post it again here.

Here's my new experiment in distributing writing: If you've written anything about DIY, small games, or anti-capitalist tech and transform it into a .pdf booklet, I'll print it and distribute it at cost for you through Plaintext Distro at online zine fairs

This is not (currently) a profit-making endeavor, to be clear. I don't want people putting themselves out too much to make new work. It's very old-school zine economics in that it's about the satisfaction of your work being out there in a different format and maybe breaking even.

If that's fine with you, especially if you already have work you distribute for free digitally and want to try something different with, then let me know!! I will do my best to be able to offer any submissions I get thru mid-March at the Glasgow Zine Festival in April.


so weird to remember that there are neurotypical white cishet people out there... just doing stuff? and they don't even have depression??

I wholeheartedly agree, except for one small nitpick.

I would say if you are not being a brutal critic of yourself you have a unusual or abnormal level of surety, but not necessarily unhealthy.

I actually think it's healthy to (slowly, inch by inch) soften up your internal critic, and give yourself some love.

It is weird to realize that a good part of what people really need is other people to cheer them on.

But this is often exactly what people need, even the mighty.

If you are not a brutal critic to yourself, then you have achieved an unhealthy level of surety.

When you know someone that needs that boost... give it to them.

Be mighty for them.

Be kind.

I don't know what "praxis" means, but spamming Amazon's cool union busting website is praxis:

*shakes head* i waited for my spanish teacher for 5 mins before i realized i forgot to schedule a lesson


My current internal temper tantrum is about how I'm craving to read a particular, as-yet-to-be-determined type of slow burn Draco/Neville fic, reconciling that with my philosophy of "only write stories I want to read". Bc that way leads to "write stories you want to read but haven't been able to find". And I want an 800-page fucking SCORCHER and I don't think I have the attention span for that.

A couple of days ago, I went down an Eddie Redmayne hole after watching a video about the masculinity of Newt Scamander and ended up trying to draw his lips? I guess?

we know that Amazon could likewise take down all Mastodon instances running on AWS, right? the Mastodon software generates a characteristic traffic pattern that can be used to identify all instances running Mastodon, and then *flips switch to off*

federation doesn't mean anything if the vast majority of the servers being federated run on one provider that can turn them off on a whim.

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i hate Parler, am glad it's gone, hope it never comes back, and hope everyone who was posting violence on it rots in hell.

BUT....the fact that Amazon could flip a switch and erase a social network shows quite clearly that "the cloud" is not a resilient network hosting provider. what good is ~~horizontal scaling~~ if one guy at one company can say "nah, turn that off" and your app/site/whatever is just gone?

Good morning, this is your friendly reminder to add image descriptions to your photos here, and to provide captions or a transcript to any media with audio!

Liberation includes disabled people, and you’re doing a disservice to my community by shutting them out via inaccessible information.

sad poem 

i'm tired of you, body
too many needs
and i can't keep up
always hungry
can't sleep
always sad
can't talk

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