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i reformatted a zine i made earlier this year to post it as a thread.

i was frustrated with the language used to describe gender and how limiting it is as a nonbinary/genderqueer person to use language centered around the gender binary. this is what sprung from that frustration:

#zine #trans #gender #queer #nonbinary #genderqueer

ive got depression. i’ve got anxiety. i’m at the combination depression-anxiety drive-thru

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I just sent this link to a friend, of a video of a guy who hooked up an oyster mushroom to a eurorack synth for 5 minutes, thinking it was definitely weird enough for the both of us. Turns out my friend already follows him.

I don't need new weird friends, I already got them. I just have to remind myself that sometimes.

I'm pleasantly surprised at my level of french toot comprehension, tho i wouldn't trust myself to do anything besides ask permission to go to the bathroom (puis-je aller aux toilettes?)

It's making me muse about french vs spanish sentence structure, how I'm still having trouble with all the little words Sp has that aren't in places I'm used to, how I'd like to refresh my Fr grammar but I'm worried it'll be too much info when I'm still trying to figure out Sp grammar basics!, etc.

I legit have tears streaming down my face after playing this. (It's only ~6mins of tears.) That's the kind of game I want to make, fuck.

Looked thru the federated timeline. Talking to strangers is stressful yall, the mix of "it's public, it's fine" and "you're intruding" is a mess in my head. Hi strangers, lol, welcome to my anxiety

I'm still itching thinking about tiny games. I might play around with Bitsy because of this game jam:

I doubt I can pull it together since it's already so last minute, but one can dream.

Aaand I made a version where you don't have to fold and cut! Still printable on one-sheet of letter-sized paper.

I can email you this PDF too, if anybody is interested.

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It's done! My very first Scribus project is an 8pg mini Tarot zine about the 2020-2021 transition. (This fold-and-cut method on a single sheet of paper is my favorite type of zinemaking challenge.) I'll make a more accessible / digital version next, I think. If anyone wants the pdf, I'd be happy to send it over.

I'm attempting my first layout in Scribus. I'm not sure if it seems too-easy-to-be-true because it really *is* easy, or if I'm missing something vital and this will all fall apart when I print.

Someone remind me I should finish some of my other small projects before starting this next idea ... *checks notes* the LONELY VAMPIRE IN SPACE GAME.

First random hobby to try out on the new laptop... Just DL'ed Pico-8 and some zines on it. Let's see what I can do with that...

Got a new Windows laptop... as a longtime Mac user, I'm feeling a little clueless. Anybody got tips?

Getting ready for a new year's tarot reading for the collective. I was thinking of making a little mini-zine or something, but after a couple wks of depression derailed me, not sure how much I'll actually get done before the 1st.

welp! i guess i'm going to re-learn french! je veux parler avec les francophones sur mastodon.

(y quiero hablar con hispanohablantes tambien!)

-_- i'm going to confuse myself.

following people is exhausting, lol, that's enough for today.

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Currently going thru the community wiki and following some strangers. Hello, hi, if you are one of those strangers!

I like pixel art! and calligraphy! and tarot, zines, art & tech, and all sorts of other things. I don't know what I want out of Mastodon yet but I'm looking forward to finding out.

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