My current internal temper tantrum is about how I'm craving to read a particular, as-yet-to-be-determined type of slow burn Draco/Neville fic, reconciling that with my philosophy of "only write stories I want to read". Bc that way leads to "write stories you want to read but haven't been able to find". And I want an 800-page fucking SCORCHER and I don't think I have the attention span for that.

@hardcorenarrativist That sounds really interesting!! You can shoot me an email if you'd like? No promises on my timeliness getting back to you however, if you couldn't tell from our mastodon interaction haha

And eh, losing interest happens. Sometimes it's not the right time to finish things or other things need to happen first. It's something I've been struggling with myself!! I think it's just part of being creative in a capitalist society. Or just being creative. idk.

A couple of days ago, I went down an Eddie Redmayne hole after watching a video about the masculinity of Newt Scamander and ended up trying to draw his lips? I guess?

we know that Amazon could likewise take down all Mastodon instances running on AWS, right? the Mastodon software generates a characteristic traffic pattern that can be used to identify all instances running Mastodon, and then *flips switch to off*

federation doesn't mean anything if the vast majority of the servers being federated run on one provider that can turn them off on a whim.

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i hate Parler, am glad it's gone, hope it never comes back, and hope everyone who was posting violence on it rots in hell.

BUT....the fact that Amazon could flip a switch and erase a social network shows quite clearly that "the cloud" is not a resilient network hosting provider. what good is ~~horizontal scaling~~ if one guy at one company can say "nah, turn that off" and your app/site/whatever is just gone?

Good morning, this is your friendly reminder to add image descriptions to your photos here, and to provide captions or a transcript to any media with audio!

Liberation includes disabled people, and you’re doing a disservice to my community by shutting them out via inaccessible information.

@pixelpaperyarn UGH, I'm coming back to this because I just reached ~6000 words on a chapter'ed fanfic, and it is very hard to navigate in Markdown. I might have to change my mind about working in plaintxt for any longer pieces.

@hardcorenarrativist oh totally didn't see it as pressure! I try to be honest about my depression. I appreciate the offer of an ear!

I will get around to playing soon tho. Do you have any other games in the works?

@maunzi i am using this for spanish and am enjoying it. But like anything touted as One True Way, i don't have the attn span to stick to just one :p I'm perfectly happy using it in addition to other study and lessons.

My one quibble with it is a technical problem, which is that i have to crank up the volume for the Sp lessons and it's still very low. Not a problem with headphones but i don't always have em on hand. Other languages might have better audio though.

@hardcorenarrativist oh no! i'm so sorry. i've been going through bouts of depression so my motivation for fun things comes and goes. it's definitely on my list and my intention is to let you know my thoughts. eventually, ha! <3 thanks for checking.

sad poem 

i'm tired of you, body
too many needs
and i can't keep up
always hungry
can't sleep
always sad
can't talk

@pixouls I'm gonna think about it, could you poke me in a couple days? Ha.

Studio trip was great and I can't wait to go back. Maybe next week.

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@pixouls are we assuming monetization? I can't imagine an ivy league school would care to take over free resources.

Harvard and MIT provide free courses online too through things like opencourseware and such, no?

@pixouls there's gotta be a middle ground between learning in short clips on a phone and being stuck in an hours long lecture. I do like the idea of breaking things out of a classroom format though and why i love zines so much, for example!

Thanks to my friends who remind me about executive dysfunction before i go into a shame spiral over trying to get my ass out of bed to drive to my studio

Granted it's a one-way hour drive so the "ugh do i have to" has some validity to it

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we should use words everyone knows to talk about overcoming our oppressors so we don’t create arbitrary barriers within the proletariat

get ready, the "hindsight is 2020" jokes are coming

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