I'm house/dogsitting and this very good doggo is going to be watching for his humanparents all night, isn't he 😭

Curse words and words for bodily functions 

I am 33 years old and painting shit like this gives me joy.

I've been painting a lot the last few nights, teaching myself how the new-to-me paints layer and mix with each other. It's been very soothing! Amazing how not pressuring myself to make things "good" feels...good.

Sneak peek of my next minizine WORSHIPPING YR URBAN GOD. It's about finding god/yourself in the city. Cover photo taken by me with a glitch cam circuitbent by uglatto on Instagram. San Diego, CA.

Got this cute miniature hanafuda-inspired/oracle deck/game today from a friend!!! (jerrydrewthis on Instagram and Patreon). The booklet is so cute and is full of different games to play with the cards. Excited to do a reading with the "Tarot" deck at some point, maybe tomorrow.

(really, it's an oracle deck if i wanna be pedantic)

I love having tangible objects made by my friends in my own hands. It's such a cool way to viscerally connect. He *made* this.

I'm reviewing my tiny amount of notes for Uchinaaguchi and laughed at seeing this again.

I think I've got enough material for another mini-zine. I'm really enjoying making these. They're like... vignettes. I really want to capture a certain feeling or moment with the zines I've been making this year.

Recently bought a set of sumi ink pans and today, as an excuse to play with the ink, I practiced my blackletter calligraphy with a flat brush. I'm used to using broad nibs and previous attempts at the flat brush were NOT good so I'm pleased I've improved.

A couple of days ago, I went down an Eddie Redmayne hole after watching a video about the masculinity of Newt Scamander and ended up trying to draw his lips? I guess?

Aaand I made a version where you don't have to fold and cut! Still printable on one-sheet of letter-sized paper.

I can email you this PDF too, if anybody is interested.

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It's done! My very first Scribus project is an 8pg mini Tarot zine about the 2020-2021 transition. (This fold-and-cut method on a single sheet of paper is my favorite type of zinemaking challenge.) I'll make a more accessible / digital version next, I think. If anyone wants the pdf, I'd be happy to send it over.

Getting ready for a new year's tarot reading for the collective. I was thinking of making a little mini-zine or something, but after a couple wks of depression derailed me, not sure how much I'll actually get done before the 1st.


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