What kind of art and creative things are happening on Gemini?

So intrigued!

Finally got a browser running on my Macbook, still haven't tried with Windows. But I've done some light browsing from Android.

Gemini is definitely where my excitement is capped by my technical knowledge and skill. So this will definitely be more of a "browse and check things out for awhile" interest, rather than a "dive in and do", I think.


I still have other digital projects to finish up like my public-facing site re-do, my now blossoming interest in a digital garden (now bursting because Gemini is a little too beyond me right now), the admin work for a new magazine Shimanchu nu Kwii (Voices of Okinawa), so it's not like I'm bored...

That's not even mentioning all the creative projects and other things on the backburner. Sigh. I'm not unhappy with things, I just wish I had multiple lifetimes for this.

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