It's done! My very first Scribus project is an 8pg mini Tarot zine about the 2020-2021 transition. (This fold-and-cut method on a single sheet of paper is my favorite type of zinemaking challenge.) I'll make a more accessible / digital version next, I think. If anyone wants the pdf, I'd be happy to send it over.

Aaand I made a version where you don't have to fold and cut! Still printable on one-sheet of letter-sized paper.

I can email you this PDF too, if anybody is interested.

Here's an HTML version of my "hi 2021" zine -- a tarot reading and journal prompts about the new year.

I also have a zip file of the pdfs (one 1-sheet 8pg mini booklet, one 1-sheet spread), pics of the Tarot cards, zine assembly guide, text version, and HTML version. PM me for the URL since that's on my personal hosting.


We're almost a quarter way into 2021, but that doesn't mean you can't still journal about your bullshit. "hi 2021" is now available on Itch. It's still free.

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