not much to toot about besides I've been down a watercolor, gouache, and calligraphy hole the past couple days! and I finished up another zine but I haven't bothered soc mediaing about it.

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like, i'm watching this youtuber squeeze and measure millimeters of gouache and i *get* it now.

I have an art studio I've barely moved into because of the pandemic. I told myself I'm going today so i can force myself to leave the house. Now that I'm awake i have no desire to leave. This pandemic is doing nothing for my social anxiety.

Thanks to my friends who remind me about executive dysfunction before i go into a shame spiral over trying to get my ass out of bed to drive to my studio

Granted it's a one-way hour drive so the "ugh do i have to" has some validity to it

Studio trip was great and I can't wait to go back. Maybe next week.

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