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You can now download and print my latest zine
HOW TO FIND & WORSHIP YR URBAN GODS. It's a part-instructional, part-personal mini-guide to exploring and finding spiritual connections in your city, heavily inspired by urban animist Sarah Kate Istra Winter's book The City is a Labyrinth.

I'm really proud of this one, y'all! So give it a download and if you like, please consider donating a buck or two!

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We're almost a quarter way into 2021, but that doesn't mean you can't still journal about your bullshit. "hi 2021" is now available on Itch. It's still free.

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GOOD DOG, the game about petting dogs, is now available on Itch! It's still free, and any donations will go to a local dog rescue.

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The human was too psychologically scarred from his encounter with our vessel for us to release him back into his natural habitat, so we introduced him to our zoo.

But he’s alone, and we know from the humans’ broadcasts that they like company, so I’ve been sent back to Earth to obtain a companion.

And that’s how I found myself creeping around a back alley, holding a laser pointer and a small cage, calling, “Here, kitty kitty!”

@pixelfed Hi there! As a #blind screen reader user, I would really appreciate it if you'd take the time to #captionyourimages as it would really help with #accessibility
And it's not just people like me who appreciate them either, it's users on low bandwidth or metered connections who don't want to load the full res picture, those with #autism who sometimes find the context helpful, the huge percentage of those with preexisting visual impairments [#VI] which includes many people over 55 ETC.
It doesn't have to be anything incredibly detailed or artfully written, but something is nearly always better than nothing. I believe that their is even an option to automatically #OCR images now which should give you a head start.

ever think about how some other people read your toots in an accent that's different than yours

Ten thousand tutorials and frustrations later, i finally got Miniflux (a feed aggregator) up and running on the Raspberry Pi! Next... The WOOOOORRRLLLLDDDDD.

Spent hours messing around with Docker on my Raspberry Pi today trying to understand it. Next I'm gonna try to actually run something off it. But holy shit, I have to remember not to sit in front of a computer for days straight...

Wait, i need to wait til everybody's asleep to do this firmware update but uh the router is right outside my parents' bedroom, this is a conundrum

"so you like this girl, huh?"

"babe. like doesn't cover it. i wanna do weird stuff with her that i don't fully understand. i wanna… dammit, i can't even say it out loud!"

"c'mon. no judgement. judgement free zone."

"i want. corn. cicadas. woodsmoke? i wanna… i wanna move to the countryside with her and try to revitalize the decrepit-ass farming town that one or both of us grew up in!"


"you said 'judgement free zone'."

"i'm not gonna yuck your yum, it's just taking me a minute to process that you're into that cottagecore shit. you know you can just have sex, right?"

"maybe you can. i googled 'how to co-sign a farm loan' last night, and i don't think i can ever go back."

I'm updating our wifi router firmware tonight and I'm nervous about it. The steps itself look very simple, but what if I mess up uploading a file somehow ;_;

Working on Shimanchu nu Kwii ( is REALLY pushing my already barely existing layout skills. It's one thing to lay something out with my usual punk-adjacent aesthetic, a whole mother thing to do clean and modern. I wanna give the pieces whitespace and breath but it's REALLY fucking hard! There's so many words... So many.

Amigxs, recuerden que hoy es esto.
Y ya que estén ahí, pregunten por Anarquismo y edición o Noches de té verde 😬

I have 8 big tasks for today but it's Saturday. I will probably just relax. MAMBD-June did, however, graciously write that I can reward myself for getting it all done, by setting up my new Raspberry Pi. Also they prompted me to go outside. 😂

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Mile-a-minute brain days means i write down every random thought or task i think of that needs to be done and moving on, or else i get distracted trying to do them all. However the days after the MAMBD are like... Bitch, i know you didn't think you could do all this in one day but why'd you think future-June could?

Did i mention my phone broke and I was phoneless for the last week or so? It felt no different than other pandemic weeks, minus the texting but I talk to most everybody in various apps. 😅 Got a new phone now that I've been setting up since yesterday tho and I'm trying to clean up the way I like. Still looking for Google app replacements. (I will love anyone who finds me something for Keep. I'm trying Turtl now, Joplin is next.)

I wanted to try CryptPad for its collaborative features. I've barely used it for that. Instead, I now have Kanban boards up the wazoo and it's turned into a notebook/bookmark holder/research db/project task list/behemoth. O.O

"One thing I see a lot is people recommending how they do it, or stating how someone should do it, but very few people give multiple answers, and contrast between them." Oh thank god I needed someone to break down different security things for me.

I'm not even that mad. I know not to take things personally. I also don't care if someone was actually trying to be condescending to me. I guess that doesn't mean I won't still be mad at first though lol. I just really don't like feeling that frustrated though!

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A friend commented about how they doubted running a community server would happen because it's a lot of work for one person and other perfectly valid concerns like security, time, and equipment, except one of my angry/defiant triggers is someone telling me I can't do something. And I already had/have those same concerns! And I know it's gonna be a fuckton of work, it's why I've been so hesitant to begin with! And also! like! other things! [camera pans away as tantrum continues, sound fades]

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