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PDF *should* be screen reader accessible, but as we only tested on one computer and by someone who does not regularly use screen readers, I would appreciate any and all feedback on the accessibility of this magazine! This is something I wish we had been able to do *before* release, but I'd like to rectify that now and for future issues. DM or email me to talk about your consulting fee/rates please!

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SHIMANCHU NU KWII ISSUE 1 IS HERE! The Okinawan/Ryukyuan diaspora arts & culture magazine I've been working on for the past couple of months is finally out!!!

PDF is free on Ko-fi, with suggested $5 donation:

IG video of one of the volunteer editorial team flipping through the print copy. It looks pretty darned good for print-on-demand:

Print copy available via Lulu, $15 + shipping.

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You can now download and print my latest zine
HOW TO FIND & WORSHIP YR URBAN GODS. It's a part-instructional, part-personal mini-guide to exploring and finding spiritual connections in your city, heavily inspired by urban animist Sarah Kate Istra Winter's book The City is a Labyrinth.

I'm really proud of this one, y'all! So give it a download and if you like, please consider donating a buck or two!

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be not trapped by the confines of skin and bone. the body is a tool as much as a marble block, awaiting a sculptor’s touch. shape the vessel you inhabit. make it suitable for the breadth of your whims. accept no limitation and seize upon the agency afforded by an indifferent universe.

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be not trapped by apparent form. accept creation as your body, and all its surfaces as your limitless limbs. can you feel your blood that traverses every vein of possibility? your flesh that spans even the emptiness between worlds? once you have disbanded the distinctions of being, you will find immortality to be merely a matter of perspective.

Been back on a ttrpg kick and suddenly I have 3 games to prep and GM for in October. I hope i don't crash and burn!!

I had no luck on other channels, so let's try here.
Are there any #blind or #VisuallyImpaired people using @libreoffice with #NVDA? If so, what tricks do you have to make it less laggy and unpredictable?
Over here, it freezes all the time. Even when reading a completely normal plain-text document, it will suddenly decide that it would rather not read certain lines anymore, and become unresponsive for up to half a minute. Then it'll behave as normal for a little while, only to die once more once you try moving back to the top.
I had to replace my hard drive and didn't have Microsoft Word backed up. I'd love to switch, but that doesn't look like it's an option.


Perhaps you non-finnish people haven't heard of the beautiful word 'multipasking', which is multitasking but combined with the finnish word 'paska', which means shit. The meaning of 'multipasking' is, of course, obvious.

“the ship of theseus” in which theseus gets into fanfic

Still looking for TTRPG creators for an Itch community charity bundle in support of vulnerable and targeted Afghans.

Thanks to the eight people who have so far signed up, bringing us to 22 items.

Been using Emacs to do some massage office work and tabletop/story game adventure planning. I have some interest from a 2-person group for a game of In the Light of a Ghost Star that I've been prepping for! But I'm really hankering for some low-prep dungeon crawling maybe with Dungeons of the Dungeons and some one-page dungeons I've collected over the years? Who's interested? :D

Scalawag is a Black-led, woman-run website and magazine dedicated to the American South. They are “interested in untold stories, fresh perspectives, and original thought covering the nuances of life, politics, and culture in the American South.” They are particularly interested in hearing from #BIPOC and #queer Southerners. They pay $400 to $600 for reported stories. #writing

Submission page:

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I really want to dip my toes into Emacs but with the headcanon that richard stallman doesn't exist.

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My friend was giving away some of their book collection. I asked for some bell hooks and ended up getting some gender and queer books and a few issues of OP, a trans male zine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited to read these. No spoilers on whether the zine is still around, i wanna look later for myself.

It's been a year of Spanish study so i want to review my lesson notes and type up a reference. And I'm considering moving all my language tracking and logs to some sort of digital space. Pretty much do what I'm doing with physical binders but digitally. (I'm looking fwd to a SEARCH FXN that isn't me flipping desperately thru notes. ) So of course i went down a personal wiki, knowledgebase, roam/obsidian/note-taking, emacs, vim rabbithole the last few days.

Help ;_; what do you use?

Decided to stop school again. I don't need the last 150hrs to actually give massages, but it would've been nice to have checked the hours off. I've spent the last week in an anxious and overwhelmed mess that led to the decision, and also I'm realizing I'm autistic. This is all related to each other. 😅

at first i thought this was just one of those things where they kinda messed up the order of the words but no this is completely incomprehensible

I've been busy in school. Shit is weird bc ppl acting as if COVID-19 is over. Out of a class of 30 only a handful of us mask up. I'm hoping having class cancelled from a student testing positive will get more students masked up again (and vaccinated) tho I'm not holding my breath. :-/

In the dawn's light I sat on the park bench feeding crows in lieu of pigeons. A thin mist pooled around my legs as the crows playfully hopped in and out of view, diving for nuts and seeds I had mixed for them. Timi the tiny perched on my shoulder, waiting for the popcorn that I saved just for him.

All the local witches were envious of my connection to these wonderful birds, but none dared curse me lest the crows forsook them further.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy

Now if only i can fit in my own routine that isn't dependent on someone else's schedule. I'd love it if "get up and do morning creative time" daily, for example, became a thing but it's hard to do things i set myself up for. -_-

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turn golf courses back into wolf courses

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