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Sneak peek of my next minizine WORSHIPPING YR URBAN GOD. It's about finding god/yourself in the city. Cover photo taken by me with a glitch cam circuitbent by uglatto on Instagram. San Diego, CA.

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We're almost a quarter way into 2021, but that doesn't mean you can't still journal about your bullshit. "hi 2021" is now available on Itch. It's still free.

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GOOD DOG, the game about petting dogs, is now available on Itch! It's still free, and any donations will go to a local dog rescue.

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Never got around Gopher/Gemini client, started playing around with Windows batch files lol.

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I set up my tent in their garage and I'm eating dehydrated backpacking food because I wanted to practice 😂

Gonna spend the rest of the night painting, reading fanfic, and maybe exploring Gopher and Gemini some more if I can get a terminal client going on my Windows laptop!

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I'm house/dogsitting and this very good doggo is going to be watching for his humanparents all night, isn't he 😭

Announcing Meme It So! It's a Star Trek The Next Generation Meme and GIF Generator, inspired by Frinkiac.

It has every line of dialogue spoken on STTNG tied to screencaptures. Which makes it good for looking up lines as well.


"This fund is for queer writers of color who are in critical need due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
With thanks to the Philadelphia Assembly and the Money in the Streets initiative, we'll be able to provide 40 queer writers of color with $250 each.
This fund will prioritize trans women writers of color.
The deadline to apply is May 13 at 11:59PM PST. You will be notified in late May of your status."

Been enjoying finding various Gemini capsules... Found one with a daily sudoku!! And someone who puts out a quarterly mixtape!! And gemini record labels!!

Somehow in all that, i managed to finalize the content of my latest zine (i think) and finished index.html of my site revamp. So. Whoo

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Not in any order but: sanshin, gemini, gopher, raspberry pi, xmpp, communicating under the radar, feminist and anarchist servers and manifestos, sys admin, do i wanna be a sys admin?, which pi do i want?, what selfhosted services should i use to replace google?, what cool projects to learn [php, python, bash, etc]

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Okay so woof. Last week or so of hyper focus/fixation has been... Well, it's usually fine, but this time i had SO MANY topics, it feels like whiplash. I'm just glad i didn't end up spending money on anything until I've calmed down a bit.

..... On that note, i can't wait to buy a raspberry pi to set up a webserver and some other bs

jadzia has a hookup for really fucked up replicator recipes. cured foams. centurion bog butters. hot sauces banned by the cardassian government. this "chef" is even working on a non-euclidian dish, but it only renders on the holodeck.

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Anyone know of any good Linux Telegram clients, bonus points if they work with Orca/are accessible.

#a11y #telegram #Linux #accessibility

Currently contemplating a second career in something computery 😅

Current plan: see if oncoming depression can be lessened by feeling it coming in advance

Also: have moved from Gopher/Gemini to wondering whether it's finally time to get a Raspberry Pi so I can set up private servers for myself.

Also also: learn computer science and security so i can set up private servers for myself



biological sex? you mean fucking in the bio lab??


gender identity is a mathematical property which asserts that a gender is always equal to itself.

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I still have other digital projects to finish up like my public-facing site re-do, my now blossoming interest in a digital garden (now bursting because Gemini is a little too beyond me right now), the admin work for a new magazine Shimanchu nu Kwii (Voices of Okinawa), so it's not like I'm bored...

That's not even mentioning all the creative projects and other things on the backburner. Sigh. I'm not unhappy with things, I just wish I had multiple lifetimes for this.

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What kind of art and creative things are happening on Gemini?

So intrigued!

Finally got a browser running on my Macbook, still haven't tried with Windows. But I've done some light browsing from Android.

Gemini is definitely where my excitement is capped by my technical knowledge and skill. So this will definitely be more of a "browse and check things out for awhile" interest, rather than a "dive in and do", I think.

new offline library! 

the library now offers an offline HTML version of the library for your reading pleasure.

It's via a ZIM file, which allows the library to be downloaded in a small file and read offline.

You can download the ZIM file here: (Snapshot of library from April 2, 2021)

Once you download the file, you will need to open it using software like Kiwix:

You can read more about the ZIM file format here:

A shorter version of this announcement can be found on the library bookshelf mirrors list:

I don't know enough computer science for Gemini 😭😭😭

I mean, I'm still just trying to install a browser on my Macbook. I haven't even tried on my Windows laptop yet. LOL.

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