Hello @frontendfront@twitter.com 😊
I've got an issue trying to log-in with Twitter. Maybe because I never signed up. But I can't find the way 😕

There is no "Myths of Color Contrast Accessibility"

Find out how easily people can read some kinds of content. It's all about accessibility and how to play with color to make content more understandable.

Flowy: The minimal javascript library to create flowcharts ✨ github.com/alyssaxuu/flowy

By @alyssaxuu@twitter.com, thanks for sharing.

🍾Blog and websites are back. Tell me if you find bugs.
Fresh new installation on WordOps :)

Thank you @WalterStephanie@twitter.com for the hand on that 😊🤗

[FR] Mon frère avait écrit un petit article sur un effet de neige en CSS avec quelques images. Comme c'est d'actualité, je le remets ici :

C'est une solution parmi d'autres bien sûr :)
Merci @michaelcrofte@twitter.com pour ce petit tuto !

You can't be that wrong @Steam@twitter.com?
I tried to open a support ticket because your emails from Steam Guard don't arrive into my box, and to open a ticket I need to validate my email address by sending you a code I receive by email, code I won't receive since it's the initial issue…

La @SNCF@twitter.com qui t'oblige à te connecter pour te désinscrire de mails commerciaux, et qui en plus envoie le mail avec un no-reply.
Ou comment chier sur le service et l'expérience client.

How I created 488 "live images"

@ireaderinokun@twitter.com shares her process on how she created “live images” for each feature on caniuse.

How to Overlap Images in CSS

I like this kind of use case presenting atypical layout. I want to challenge "my" devs with similar exercices. "Here the result, guess the code."

Goodbye Sketch… buff.ly/338Hl9I

That's what we did several months ago now. I don't regret it. No more lag due to complex design system and multiple library files, easier to share with developers and stakeholders.

Blog and other of my websites have certificate issues. You can still visit those if you "accept the risk". Sorry for that. Trying to find a solution. 😔🤔

"Accessibility drives aesthetics"


Excellent article based on facts and several domains of the design.
Thank you @thetuttingtutor@twitter.com for that 😊 (via @ianhamilton_@twitter.com)

Really nice Open Source Illustrations kit buff.ly/2ppML2v

Free but you can buy a coffee to @realvjy@twitter.com

I'm playing with my developers.
I asked them to list me the CSS styles applied on that button inspecting the element.


Ha ha 😁
CSS hidden via the Animations API.

⚠️ Total bullshit.

"The Aesthetic-Accessibility Paradox."

I've got no other word to describe this kind of content. A content cannot be "too accessible", and aesthetic is not necessarily against accesibility. This guy never heard of Universal Design

Become An HTML Email Geek With These Videos From @hteumeuleu@twitter.com

And @smashingmag@twitter.com who takes time for making it accessible with a text transcript 😍 buff.ly/33Qrk9A

I published my first Figma plugin.
Export your PWA icon to the right formats.


There is a lot of different mandatory (or not) format for iOS or Android. Don't hesitate to tell me if one or another is missing.

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