A good guide for designing and writing for people with Dyslexia, that would necessarily benefit for all the people at some point 😊


(Via @SaraSoueidan@twitter.com)

It's sad to build a website with a big not stoppable animation for people with Attention Deficit Disorder.


Also, the poor contrast makes it difficult to read for other kinds of disabilities.

It's 🤦‍♂️-day for me.

Developers nowadays 🤦‍♂️

This is a box with one logo, title, label and field. The label doesn't even have a FOR attribute.

I'm tired of training programs, universities, and all that Bootcamp bullshit incapable of teaching proper HTML. 🤢

This is a kind reminder that when you rely on an image to create a contrast with your foreground text, you have to apply a background colour too.

Thank you.

Quand tu "ajustes" le contenu de ton talk sur l'amélioration de l'expérience de nos formulaires web pour @devfestnantes@twitter.com et tu te rends compte qu'il va falloir couper dans la matière parce que tu as trop de choses à dire 😭

Je pense que ça va finir en ebook cette histoire 😁👌

Une bombe au départ de Luxembourg. Apparemment trouvée sous le pont proche de la gare pendant des travaux. Rues et trains bloqués.
Wait and see.

Ping @Wort_LU@twitter.com

First Time using @SNCFConnect@twitter.com: everything lacks of sense.
While I'm checking the departure board that provides me with the train number, the official app doesn't display it at first sight.

There is room for that. Seriously, did you do observation sessions with designers?

I'm exhausted by the emptiness of the design community posts these days.
For instance, I have the feeling this post is empty and leads nowhere.


Is it just me? Do you have any better online sources?

CSS container queries are finally here

A small introduction's been written by Ahmad some months ago, here is a quick update on how to use it.

You can now apply styles on a component based on the size of its container.

As usual, I arrive at a Velóh station announcing 5 bikes available. 3 are physically here, 2 are actually with a green light, only 1 is usable after a small check. We are two in need for a bike.
I wonder why I'm still paying for this @CityLuxembourg@twitter.com

How to create and align your company’s first product roadmap? uxdesign.cc/how-should-i-go-ab

A good frame with lots of resources to read. If you are a bit lost, that's your next reading 😊
by @LisaZane15@twitter.com

I've tested generative art with MidJourney and I find it really amazing. The results are quite accurate and surprising at the same time.

On rage un peu sur Wild Rift avec @WalterStephanie@twitter.com si jamais vous voulez voir des Penguins jouer 😁


I had the pleasure to collaborate with @ellajw__@twitter.com by sharing a bit of my experience on remote user testing when working with Foyer Global Health.

Good tools and pieces of advice to read there: maze.co/blog/remote-user-resea on @mazedesignhq@twitter.com

Is it only me or some parts of the web are getting worst and worst every year? Forms and services mostly.

I had to make reservations for a trip from Luxembourg to Lyon, Lyon to Avignon, then Avignon back to Luxembourg. Let's talk about @bookingcom@twitter.com and @SNCFConnect@twitter.com would you?

How convenient @QuoraHelp@twitter.com

I created an account by mistake with another email address of mine. And I receive tones of newsletter I never subscribe to in the first place, and can't unsubscribe.

I can't find a way to delete my account neither.

What a shitty UX.

Hey @RevolutApp@twitter.com!
You have a new client thanks to me but I never received the 60€ for the affiliate.
Would you mind coming in DM so we can discuss this?
Otherwise I think you are going to loose 2 clients (including one paid). Thanks 😊

This voice over is too much epicness and warriorness for a backing soda mix and a metal clean up.

It must be the minimum required for men to clean up stuff?
Now you know how to make videos for motivating men to clean the house. 😂


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