Hey @Samsung@twitter.com your Samsung Cloud send me a "reset password" mail when I ask for a "confirm my email" resend.

If you need an example of really bad usability on an interface, take a look at the @Borderlands@twitter.com 3 navigation interface: bad interactions, bad visual hierarchy, bad consistency, doesn't respect Sony conventions.

5 min Design Survey.
I need your help on this. Do you have time or can you RT this?
Thanks a lot.

Change of (pricing) plan for ACF Plugin.

The Pro Pricing is evolving from a lifetime license to a yearly license. Explanations with good arguments.

Colormind - Boostrap
A good tool to test and generate color palettes that actually work.


via @Goldfishtweet@twitter.com

The evolution of UX Research: a job posting analysis

Great analysis on labels, terms, and their evolution on job posts. The study is made for "UX Research" but the method is quite interesting

Image SEO – WordPress Plugin for optimizing your images creativejuiz.fr/blog/en/wordpr

Have a look at this SEO optimizer focused on the ranking of your images.

Image SEO – Plugin WordPress pour optimiser vos images creativejuiz.fr/blog/wordpress

Petite review de ce plugin d'optimisation de vos images pour faire remonter celles ci dans les résultats de recherche.

Do you know why you won't see concrete user interface with ?

1. It raises a spacing issue. Big shadows need more space to avoid interface overload.

2. It raises accessibility issue. It comes with smoother/poor color contrasts.

(img source dribbble.com/shots/10187172-Ne)

📱15+ Expert Resources For Mobile UI Inspiration: Patterns, Components and Flows

A great selection to help you find UI patterns, components and flows for great design on mobile devices. by @WalterStephanie@twitter.com

Design systems hub.

I'm like: ok, but how can this kind of company "deliver" a design system? I mean how do you manage the handover?
I work on in-house Design Systems and it's a daily job. Not a deliverable. rangle.io/design-systems/

[FR] Cours de UI Design - Enquête

J'ai besoin de votre aide, 5 min.
Si vous êtes intéressé·e par un cours d'UI Design ou connaissez quelqu'un qui pourrait l'être, pourriez-vous prendre un peu de temps pour répondre ou RT ? Merci ☺️

📊UI Design Course - Survey

I need your help on a 5 min survey.
If you are interested in a UI Design course or know someone who might be, could you take a bit of time to answer or retweet? Thanks :)

"Quick and Easy Dark Mode with CSS Custom Properties"

Great small code reading.

Quick if you accept to use custom properties and if your color scheme is well build. Otherwise it would be a bit less quick 😁 css-irl.info/quick-and-easy-da

Vangogh - a search engine for color palette.

This tool generate color palette based on machine learning and related pictures found for your search terms.

To sad to get only 4 colors per palette. thevangogh.in/

Hello @appealingui@twitter.com
Your animations don't load.
Is that an issue on your side?
(Chrome android)

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