We won an e-bike with @biou@twitter.com @WalterStephanie@twitter.com and @hellgy@twitter.com with our team "Les Cavaliers de l'apocaslype" (watch the video).
Thank you @Mobiliteit_lu@twitter.com for the gift.

Reverse Interview
Questions you may ask during interview to the company you would like to work with.
I started working on a list too, and it's quite a big list of topics to pick regarding your needs.


Cables is a tool for creating beautiful interactive content. With an easy to navigate interface and real time visuals, it allows for rapid prototyping and fast adjustments.

Remind me a user test I passed 2 years ago. I'd love seeing more tools like that. buff.ly/2Iefzn2

Logical Operations with CSS Variables.
A How To and Use Cases really well explained.
By @anatudor@twitter.com buff.ly/31gF1NH

I'm bored by the design community lately. All the UX trends around UX in real life, UX my bathroom, UX my boarding pass, UX everything everywhere.

What's wrong with you people? Suddenly everything's UX? Everyone is expert? Why?

Go out and take a breath 😁😊

I just read "I'm afraid of leaving Facebook".

WTF! What are you so afraid of? I don't get it. People are still existing in the real life. Use your phone, sent text messages or MMS, I don't know...

Our Design System is growing up lately at @GroupeFoyer@twitter.com. I'm proud of what our team accomplished in one year.

Can I email…
Support tables for HTML and CSS in emails.

You love Can I Use? You won't be disappointed 😊
Great job @hteumeuleu@twitter.com buff.ly/2LIla3p

Regex Crossword - Learn Regex by playing

Start playing by selecting one of the puzzle challenges below. There are a wide range of difficulties from beginner to expert.

The new Font Style panel of Figma looks pretty great.

Open Type features on Figma, a bit of reading: figma.com/blog/opentype-font-f


Bitmelo is a game editor and engine for making small pixel art games right here in your browser.

Email Love

Email inspiration, resources and discovery - Browse Email Inspiration, find Email Templates or discover Great Newsletters

Today’s Firefox Blocks Third-Party Tracking Cookies and Cryptomining by Default 🤘👍

Overflow And Data Loss In CSS buff.ly/32mO00a

Or how CSS has evolved to create better ways to manage and design around unknown amounts of content.
by @rachelandrew@twitter.com

A picture worth a thousand words.

The related article here:

[alt: gif of a smooth scrolling behavior while adding item into a list]

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