Slides ready. Repetition done.
Now I need to have a good night of sleep to be full of life tomorrow evening!

"D’autres ont fait le choix de mettre en place un système d’auto-déclaration, autrement dit une sorte de pointage, ou encore un key logger."

OMG les patrons français ont encore tout compris.

Et sinon faire confiance et fixer des objectifs par équipe ?

Kap - Capture your screen

A free application to capture your screen using web technologies.

[FR] Hey, mercredi 21 je vous propose un retour d'expérience sur la mise en place du Design System de, la première assurance du Luxembourg.

Vous venez ? 😊

Je resterai dispo pour vos questions même après l'event. 😜

Can somebody explain to me PWA versioning and cache? I feel lost.
I installed version 1 via Chrome on Android. Then added shortcuts to the site.webmanifest but they didn't show up.
Impossible to update cache so I uninstalled Chrome, reinstall, reinstall PWA and was in v3.

Inspiration for SaaS Marketers & Product Designers.

I really like this kind of inspirational selection.

Twitter I need your help.
I'm looking for a website that proposes a calculator based on your living country, your salary, and the country of destination. It gives you the minimum salary you should ask to keep your living standards.
Yes this site exists but I can't find it. Ty 😊

Skill Mapping: A Digital Template for Remote Teams

I was looking for this kind of template for our team. Thanks for sharing 😊

"How to avoid Cognitive Overload for your Users."

Oops, the author forgot to talk about the "how". I would title this post "Really quick intro to the cognitive overload concept".

A better content by

a11yresources - A growing list of accessibility tools and resources

A list of tools for designers, developers, a list of lists, peoples, plugins, tools, etc.

"Task Analysis: Support Users in Achieving Their Goals" by

"Task analysis is a systematic method of studying the tasks users perform in order to reach their goals." Good reminders for designers 😉

Sometimes I use to collect user's needs.

Case Study Presentation Template

A template in Figma to help you showcase your work exposing a case study in your portfolio.

"UI Developers are still underestimated"

This is so true. When I see the poor level of accessible, performant and clear HTML code written in a lot of projects... Let's not talk about CSS, it's worst oftentime.

"10 reflections on designing a design system" by

Advices like "document, document, document", "service, not a product" and "stick to the system" are keys to success to me.

"Design better by avoiding your cognitive biases." by

I won't say "avoiding" because it's not possible. But by knowing them you can do something about it. Great approach!

The How (and Why) of User Flows

A lot of good advices on how and why we build user flows. I find those flows really useful for aligning people around the table, stakeholders, PO, and developers, but also to be sure we don't forget something in the process

You can now have Shortcuts declared by your PWA.

You can set custom URL (even with parameters), label, description and icon.

Hello ,
Looks like I can't get more that 95 even if all is done. Also, the calculation in the left column is not right.

Thanks for the tool, I discovered PWA Shorcuts and Categories with it 😊

Trainline date picker before/after.
The long fall from a good user experience to a bad user experience.

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