My talk about CSS Pseudo-Elements for, the replay for people who weren't there.

There is also speaking at 48min, he talks about Background Services. 👏

WCAG Accessibility Checklist by

A great Accessibility Checklist I wish I have when I was young 😁

content-visibility: the new CSS property that boosts your rendering performance

Seems great. I discovered lately the font-display: swap; for optimizing the first rendering, now that. Pretty neat!

Naming layout components

Ok but not ok at the same time. It's great when you work alone or with a small team. But when you work with 30 devs and 10 designers it's not the same. You have other fish to fry than aligning people on a new grid system.

Colorful Headings

I like this kind of quick tips on UI. It helps building a visual hierarchy.

Now you can have several interactions for one object into I would love to be able to copy/paste those on multiple objects :D

Digging Into the Flex Property

That's a nice well explained CSS article. Go read it! 😊

"Figma components with a fixed aspect ratio elements"

Wow that trick on Figma is so good. But it should really be a feature by default on Figma. Like the 2 others mentioned at the beginning of the article.

Icon Grids & Keylines Demystified

I already shared it but I was looking for grid system for icons and fall on it again. Really interesting article on icon shapes, grid, cropping, visual weight, etc.

I like when designers are not consistent.

This article is full of good advices the designer himself doesn't apply on his examples.

Accessibility, submit label, multiple columns form, etc. Maybe you'll get what's good and what's wrong... Maybe 🙃

Proximity Principle in Visual Design

A great article on the importance of spacing within your interface. It creates rhythm, groups, and relation between things.

[FR] yo ! Avec on a créé une Publication Medium ( qui a même son compte Twitter ( pour diversifier et vous partager une veille Design en français.

Contributeurs et contributrices apprécié.e.s. 😊
Je vous dis comment... ⬇️

There's a bug on the About page for publications.

Also, can we talk about accessibility? You should propose an option for publications like "Main Language" to be able to change the content language.
I would like to have lang="fr" on mine.
Thanks! 😊

WooCommerce onboarding UX feedback:
- I'm on a product page I wanna buy
- I have to login to keep my shopping cart,
- I fall into an onboarding to install WooCommerce
- Interface is not accessible, doesn't match usability standards
- Finish the onboarding and loose my product…⬇️

I would love to see that one day in Figma, to actually see something, because the thumbnail are really small.
Thaaaaaanks 😊

(I forgot the status in my video but I'm sure you get the idea)

The simple, easy and quick way to get to the real user need

« I could ask why again but I think we all know the answer to that question »
Ha ha ha 😁 that part made me laugh.

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