Please can you fix this bug?
Maybe it's just me, but the hover interaction suggest I could click on it.

alt: Video that shows you can click wherever you want on the Effects panel to create your first. On the Export panel you need to click on the title or the + icon.

I am writing a blog post about Pantone colors of the year and accessibility. Because why not.

Will try to lay down on paper a piece of a specific process on building an accessible color palette from 2 hard-to-make-accessible colors.
Stay tuned.

Sorry, french, but I was reading this, and I puked.

Customer Experience is reduced to marketing campaigns and retargeting. What about customer satisfaction? The desire to come back? Customer as an ambassador?

I see ads like a failure on these questions.

"Bring Your Apps and Games to Life with Real-Time Animation"
Rive is a real-time interactive design tool that allows you to design, animate, and integrate your assets into any platform thanks to our open source runtimes.

The team has a great video game spirit. They did validate this Doom-Like Plugin Game for Figma 🎉

Some improvements are coming on the keyboard settings (for the directions)

No Meetings, No Deadlines, No Full-Time Employees.

The creator of Gumroad shares their way to work: freedom at all cost.

I really like this approach. No pressure: "launch things whenever the stuff in development is better than what’s currently in prod"

"5 designer personae every design team has to have"

Of course those traits can be mixed and merged between people. But I like this idea of diversity to build a strong complementary team.

Burger King just got a new identity.

Classic. Bold typeface. Vintage style and colors. I kind of like it like that. What do you think?

I just discovered that Telegram has a bunch of smoothly animated emojies.
You lost me with this cute cherry 😊

The Art of Building Real-life Components

A great article of real life complexity of "a simple" component. Designing is also thinking about variations and complexity of states and status.

The future of CSS: Higher Level Custom Properties to control multiple declarations.

This is insanity level of CSS "vars" 😅 I like this future.

There are guidelines for more accessible video games.
Shared by with and as core contributors. Thanks for sharing 😊

This website has an Awareness Raising Kit for companies about Accessibility.

I do like the initiative, but the content is kind of poor… (sorry). Do you have any close initiative that could offer more content?

Hum, interesting feature. 🙄
Twitter informs you that you didn't read the article being RT. Why not.

[FR] Pour commencer l'année 2021, j'ai décidé de râler un bon coup, mais en essayant de construire quelque chose quand même :)

Dispo pour en discuter bien sûr, vous avez certainement des réponses que je n'ai pas 😊

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