Nice project/tribute by Miysis 3D Studio for the reconstruction and modernization of Notre-Dame de Paris.
I like the mix between old stone, wood, nature and glass.
Their Web page about this project:

We are improving accessibility of our .
My dev colleague is like "fuck it, it's a bit more complicated than I expected".
My only advice was: "listen, baby steps are way enough, we will improve it step by step, don't eat it the doc until you throw it up."

Undesign – Collection of free design tools and resources for makers, developers and designers

Micro Design Systemsβ€Šβ€”β€Šbreaking the monolith
It’s time for us to mature our design systems and prepare for the future.

CSS can do that? By

Sometimes I forget you can do a lot of stuff with CSS :D

OuiSncf Experience is a mess. When you live in Luxembourg you are redirected by force to the "lu" subdomain of the website. You buy you tickets. Then you can't retrieve those on the App.
Of course, you have to change your country to Luxembourg, then login again in the app. Wtf!

How to create a sticky hero section using CSS position sticky and the intersection observer API

A developer just removed the ARIA attribute because it's boring to change 2 attributes at the same time in Angular.

Suuuure. My CSS will be based on the ARIA attribute now. Only 1 attribute to change, no boringness anymore.

Wow Is that you or is it another dirty plugin?
Sponsored link where I was expecting my Update Now link. Poor experience :/

Game character designers should learn how to draw boobs.

I published a little WordPress plugin to add hreflang and lang attributes in text editor. Compatible with Gutenberg but only for lang attributes.

If you want to contribute:

Ps. Allows also hreflang between post translated.

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