I think you have an issue with multiple widgets of the same form.

This happens: same IDs, same "for" attributes. The actions on the second form make me jump to the first one.

This makes the HTML code invalid and certainly inaccessible. 😕

A wonderful work and the first contribution of to the Figma Community
Welcome 👋 and thank you 😊

You can easily customize the colors 😱

I see a strong benefit coming from this hexagon-shaped avatar: a good way to spot and block a lot of accounts.

Today Colbys is suggesting a fix on WebEx Calls.
On the way of fixing this, he talks a little bit about privacy, expectations and the importance of sharing system status with the user.

Some usability rules would need to check in the future.

Airbnb Experiences - a Better Search form on the Experiences is suggested by Nathalie.

She suggests that when searching for experiences, Airbnb should put emphasis on the actual experience you seek, in addition to the other criteria.

I've made a 14" MacBook Pro Sleeve for a colleague. But I think only my 13" will fit in there ha ha 😅

I'm sure would love it 👋😊

Kind reminder: when you steal content from someone, it makes you look really bad in the community you are stealing from.

When this community is the web creator one, people can easily spot you and you will end up backlisted in a lot of backchannels.

Inspiration. Not copy.

So apparently to log yourself in to the Microsoft Authenticator app, you need to use the Authenticator app to validate it's you doing it...
What's wrong with you

[FR] Tentative d'arnaque en cours depuis utilisant PayPal.

La personne vous contacte par SMS en disant être intéressée. Propose un PayPal, puis passe par un deuxième numéro pour vous envoyer un lien et récupérer vos identifiants PayPal.

I have the feeling that Loki Season 1 is a tutorial on how to avoid Git orphaned branches and deal with merge conflicts. PRUNE THEM ALL!

If somebody knows a dev at I found this.

Between front-end devs: make up you mind on either you want lowercase class names or not. Personally, I always do lowercase all the way. ".woocommerce-MyAccount-content" shoudn't exist anyways.

Weekend activities.
I spend some time (let's say 5min) playing around with my phone camera and the "pro" settings.

That's awesome how you can control everything on it, like on a pro camera.

I wish I was a real jedi though, but still an eternal padawan 😊👋🗡️

Personnellement ce type de "on vous boost le tomaux de conversion en retirant les cookies" suivi d'une cookie banner me donne pas vraiment envie de vous faire confiance les gars.

D'ailleurs j'ai quitté là en me marrant bien fort.

Everytime I'm sad reading really bad documentation, I watch this and it makes me laugh. Everytime.

I don't know why yet, but I played with the Webflow Certifications yesterday and passed them all.
I've passed the:

✅ Layout Level 1
✅ Layout Level 2
✅ CMS Level 1
✅ Expert

Next step? Maybe I'm gonna spend some time building a template or two. :D

Octopus•do is a visual sitemap builder that I use for 2 of my current projects.
It helps you build a visual sitemap and go from small boxes to more complete organized wireframes.

I had to clean my Mac to send it to the support. 😭

Please send funny stickers 🥰

L'ergonomie de
J'ai réussi à proposer 0€ à quelqu'un parce que le CTA "Acheter" est bien trop mis en évidence. Du coup le mec en face a bien dû se marrer.

Et là je rentre dans une boucle infinie de "back".
Je viens de créer mon compte. 5 min d'utilisation, 2 bugs.

Alternative text to images would've been great 😊👍

(accessibility is good for everybody, see?)

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