Seems like you have a little redirection bug 😊 (Firefox Mac)

Stark’s Public Library – Accessibility resources, guides, communities, and more

A great list of resources about accessibility. I didn't have time to browse everything but I saw a lot I already use. Go check that out.

The art of scientific intuition in UX

I like this way of seeing things between scientific methods and intuition. Both have their pros and cons, but they are working pretty well when combined.

UX Writing: A Designer's Superpower

I wrote a little bit about that yesterday. I should finish my article and share this with you 😊
In the meantime, good reading.

I know WordPress pretty well.
How to find a good theme is easy to me.

But not on Webflow.
What kind of criteria do you have and how do you spot good & bad templates?

Thanks for you help experts 😊

I think I'll be using Webflow more and more in the next months 😊

What kind of integration do you use, and why?

Thanks for your inspiring answers πŸ™‚

Growing UX Maturity In Organizations: Education And Training (Part 3)

The last article of this series about helping design practitioners grow the design maturity in their organization. Now I'm going to catch back the previous ones 😁

Spotify shares a Figma template for helping you with your next remote Design Sprint.

It can be a real good way to kick start your session and adjust it for your own needs.

WP Courseware β€”Β Create a self-hosted course right on your WordPress site

I didn't know this plugin despite my recent benchmarking. I feel like I missed something. Did anybody try it already? I was more onto LearnDash or LearnPress but why not…

"What No One Explains About the Design Process"

This a good post explaining that Design Process is never "by the book" and depends on the situation and context. I would even add something missing in this article: the company maturity about design.

WP Compress β€”Β Optimize your images and scripts for a boost of your page load speed on WordPress.

Never tried yet but seems too give some good features.

Spline - Design tool for 3D web experiences

I've seen some good 3D animations made with this design tool. I'll give it a try soon out of curiosity πŸ™‚

Hello ,
There is a finger trap in your homepage on mobile. You should think removing this section, or reducing its height 😊
Tool seems great buy the way!

πŸ”₯ Hot off the press: β€œShuhari β€” Weekly Design News #4”

A bit shorter than usual, but good content for sure πŸ‘Š Enjoy!
Don't forget to share this with friends, colleagues, family and cats!

The Current State of Mobile UX (18 Common Pitfalls)

This article by Institute is full of good advice. In short: we have a lot of work to do on mobile user experience πŸ˜…

The Power of Inclusive Design

Old but good reminder of how you should work to empower ALL the people. It's all about diversity and inclusion.

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