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Basic ethics reform for mailing list software:
1) Don't enable tracking pixels by default.
2) If sender turns them on, force a disclaimer at the bottom of the list: "[The sender] tracks when you open emails from them. Here's what that means. Want to opt out?".
3) Respect opt-out.

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Merci pour l’organisation et pour la présentation, c’était très cool — hâte de vous montrer les résultats des différents projets sur lesquels on travaille en ce moment !

"Il faut matérialiser les impacts du numérique dans le territoire, il y a un grand travail pédagogique dans un premier temps." Séminaire de recherche-action avec

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"A world of extreme ease must simply be one in which the costs of comfort are more conclusively hidden."

The Ethical Design Handbook is out!

Featuring insights from the great,,, and more…


Our solar-powered website has been running for 15 months. We present its energy and uptime data, calculate the embodied energy of our configuration, consider the optimal balance between sustainability and server uptime, and outline possible improvements.

"Les data-objets : des matrices de Bertin aux sculptures de Loren Madsen" - cc :-)

"Les data-objets : des matrices de Bertin aux sculptures de Loren Madsen" - cc :-)

RT @mulegirl Design is only as human centered as the underlying business model.

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The case for digital low-tech is now growing fast in France and hopefully some important projects will be launched soon! We need to get the design community together as new imaginaries, tools and practices have to be fostered. paved the way for us.

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Wow. Barcelona has declared a climate emergency that gets straight to the point: "The current economic model is based on endless growth, consumption & a permanent race for profit. This economic system threatens the ecological balance of our planet & has multiplied inequalities."

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"The climate crisis is not going to be solved by personal sacrifice. It will be solved by electing the right people, passing the right laws, drafting the right regulations, signing the right treaties — and respecting those treaties already signed"

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Africa is so hugely underreported when it comes to the climate crisis (as well as everything else...). If you have a platform - help amplify the voices and stories from Africa.
Africa has a key role in the fight for climate justice.
Please acknowledge and share their perspective.

Le expliqué par Guillaume Baptiste ( "Le Design est par essence éthique !". jour 2

Times are scary. The world burns, figuratively & literally. Dissonance swells & dictates. History continues to repeat itself in a culture of willful ignorance.

You aren’t alone in your anxiety. We’ll get through this darkness. We’ve too much light to wield together.

Love you.<3

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“Masks and simple photographs are enough to fool some facial recognition technology, highlighting a major shortcoming in what is billed as a more effective security tool.”

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Call me crazy, but I believe the vast majority of people prefer a decent life on a livable planet to consumerism and corporate profits. And that, my dears, is why we have a small but fighting chance. Thinking of everyone in Australia, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, Mozambique, India.

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The Dutch don't cycle because their country is flatter, warmer, or morally superior to the rest of the world.

It's because they’ve built a dense, 35,000 km. network of fully separated infrastructure, equal to a quarter of their 140,000 km. road network.

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Changer ses outils/habitudes de travail en groupe en accord avec ses valeurs n'est pas si facile selon le métier, le temps, les connaissances, l'argent. Voici un extrait de nos batailles en cours & réussies, si jamais ça donne des idées :)

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