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A one-time tax on the wealth of just 500 people, taking only one quarter of their capital gains in a single year, could save the earth.

But unless we change our politics, it would never happen.

So let’s change our politics.

For so many climate researchers, 2020 was a deadline. It felt like it was far in the future, and that we would make progress.

Now that it is here, and we have not even started bending the emissions curve, I am incredibly sad.

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“Australia is the canary in the coal mine,” David Karoly, a top climate researcher at the University of Melbourne, told me nearly a decade ago. “What is happening in Australia now is similar to what we can expect to see in other places in the future.”

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I explained my own method to design from an energy budget and also how I design from territories constraints rather than apply an "universal" digital solution whatever the context.

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Few days ago I gave a talk at in Leipzig about the relationship between ecological/energy transition targets and the digital industry. I tried to debunk to the myths of this industry: the dematerialisation and the global village (1/2)

Making an animated film set in the Australian bush, and it feels dishonest not to draw everything on fire. Last summer, I remember thinking the same thing about filling the rivers with dead fish. The ecosystem is melting faster than I can draw.

Capture your world while it's here

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"The government has no idea what it’s like for us. It has no empathy. Its members don't know how much it hurts when they just say yes to another coal mine." A cattle vet with no more cattle to watch because global warming made her land (and animals) infertile.

is planting fruit trees in streets so everyone can enjoy fresh fruit. In , fruit are being planted to support local food banks. is considering a similar plan to help the homeless.

We have the solutions. Implement them.

New data indicates that on Christmas Eve, unusually warm weather melted the most ice across the continent of Antarctica in a single day out of any day in recorded history.

15% of the continent's surface melted, temporarily.

We are in a climate emergency.

La bonne question à mon sens serait : comment l'inaction écologique mine l'espace démocratique ?
Voire : comment les intérêts fossiles tirent profit des dysfonctionnements de la démocratie pour prospérer ?

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When it comes to the , for me, hope is the wrong word.

What I have is determination.

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Possibly one of the most striking pictures of the flooding I've been sent — the Tesla electric vehicle stations in Wokingham are now underwater.

I feel like there is a point about climate change hidden here... 🌍

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"Notre seul problème, c'est qu'il y a TROP de belles choses à faire et que c'est difficile de les prioriser.
Les stratégies d'adaptation viendront des gens, écoutez-les"

Du fond du cœur, un grand merci, monsieur @JMJancovici

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websites that we need in 2020:
- small community social networks
- video sites that feel like vimeo/youtube 1.0
- music sites that feel like <audio>
- micro blogging website that feels like .txt

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"The court ruled that the government had explicit duties to protect its citizens’ human rights in the face of climate change and must reduce emissions by at least 25% compared with 1990 levels by the end of 2020." 👇

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Je sors du premier atelier ordinateur organisé par le SimplonLab dans le 20e : chouette lieu, je connaissais pas.

Objectif 1er trimestre 2020 : auto-héberger mon site web à l'aide d'un Raspberry Pi ! Je documenterai le processus pour celles et ceux que ça intéresserait.

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Ce soir j'ai réouvert Technique et civilisation de Lewis Mumford (bijou parmi les bijoux de la littérature sur la technique). En 1934, il donnait déjà le ton en dénonçant le solutionnisme technologique de son époque. Plus simplement, il appelle ça du charlatanisme.

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🥳 Techologie souffle sa 1ère bougie, c’est 23 épisodes, de superbes rencontres, 13000 écoutes et vous êtes de plus en plus, 8 épisodes déjà enregistrés et à venir. Retrouvez le 1er episode « Coder et designer pour un futur incertain »

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