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No, *the humans writing the algorithms that the self-driving car uses* can choose who dies in a fatal crash. We can’t give programmers a pass to punt on these ethical considerations.

See how easily we could have solved the climate crisis if we had started in 2000! Only 4% reduction per year. Now we need 18% per year. You can thank climate deniers, lobby groups and cowardly politicians for this delay. From Global Carbon Project,

Designer friends, what are your best examples of clever, beautiful low-tech web design?

Ami·es designers, quelles sont vos meilleures références en webdesign low-tech, belles et bien faites ?

Le chemin de @marien vers son ambition : "Accompagner l’inévitable désastre écologique, aider les populations en lutte pour affirmer leur légitimité aux yeux du reste de la société, repenser nos espaces démocratiques et l’expression du pouvoir."

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