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Both outright doom & doing more of the same are grounded in maintaining a sense of comfort, but the future is uncomfortable. Both are ways of excusing oneself from the discomfort of the experimental, bold action this moment demands. I have lost patience for excuses.

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If you want to understand the power of science fiction

note that a product named after a trope in a science fiction story that predicted a future where people live in poverty on a single food source is now the single food source for people living in poverty in the present twitter.com/bcmerchant/status/

"In getting to know people’s behavior and motivations better, we’ve learned that we’re largely an irrational species, prone to cognitive miscalculations" spotify.design/articles/2019-0

La forêt, le silence, le respect des espèces grouillantes dans le sol et du humus, l'avenir des villes ? On aimerait y croire...
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Et si la forêt était l'avenir de la ville ? theconversation.com/les-forets HT @yoannduriaux

"Le humanwashing d’allégation consiste à tromper sur les prétendues vertus humanistes d’une marque ou d’un service." Que traduit l'omniprésence des discours sur les valeurs humanistes dans la communication des entreprises (à rebours de leurs pratiques) ? medium.com/the-spin-notes/huma

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We used to fight deniers because they doubted the capacity of scientists to reach consensus on climate; now we have to fight the very same people having turned “believers” of science because they take prediction of collapse as absolute. Two pretexts to do nothing.

“I think we should keep lots of land unmanaged just to see what it does, to keep those evolutionary fires burning, and to ensure that future generations might still be able to get lost.”

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1ère synthèse des doléances et propositions collectées au travers de l’opération amrf.fr/wp-content/uploads/sit (b/@Maires_Ruraux@twitter.com)

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The above essay is informed and inspired by varied literature from many other authors. Here's a recommended reading list of essays and articles covering climate and ecological breakdown from various perspectives:

Collapse: A reading list

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'Either we proactively reinvent our entire way of life virtually overnight across the planet, or we will be forced to do so through climate,ecological,societal and perhaps civilisational collapse.'

Collapse: You cannot prepare for what remains unthinkable

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En France, la pollution de l'air est responsable de 9% des décès, et même un peu plus dans les villes

➡️Dans toutes les grandes villes la presse devrait publier cette même Une et en faire un sujet prioritaire!
Ces morts sont silencieuses mais elles doivent être médiatisées... twitter.com/M_Chassignet/statu

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« Publier la recherche en design : (hors-)normes, (contre-)formats, (anti-)standards », un article que j’ai co-écrit avec Lucile Haute, est sorti en open-access dans le 6e numéro de la revue Réel Virtuel → reel-virtuel.com/numeros/numer

The future of ANY enterprise, startup or not, MUST BE:

* Ecological
* Resilient
* Circular
* Dignified and dignifying
* Not focused on profit

Or there will be no future at all.

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The future of startups is:

• More remote
• More transparent
• More community driven
• More asynchronous
• More profitable
• More balanced
• More human
• More kind
• More fun

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For anyone still looking for , here are some ways you can work to decrease your reliance on automobiles, from @FastCompany@twitter.com. fastcompany.com/90287193/25-si

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DÉRÉGULOCÈNE (proposition) : Ère géologique définie par la période durant laquelle les capacités d'emprise progressivement acquises par une espèce particulière n’ont plus été régulées par les interactions de cette espèce avec l'ensemble du vivant. Crédit image Mona Hatoum.

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Heeey! I have a question–do you know any cool design conferences? My friend runs a great graphic design studio that gets involved in socially engaged projects. That can be a huge inspiration for designers bored with pushing pixels. He'd like to share his story

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