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Proud to announce NZ has just passed historic climate change law to ensure a safe future for our kids and grandkids.

The Bill ensures we are at net zero carbon by 2050 as a country.

We’ve led the world before in nuclear free and votes for women, now we are leading again. 💚

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Extraordinary clip from 20 years ago. David Bowie sharing what he feels about what the internet is going to turn into. And he’s not wrong.
Paxman: it’s just a tool tho isn’t it?
Bowie: No it’s not.

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This is the dark side of tech utopianism that we don’t talk about enough.

The infrastructure that runs our digital world requires massive amount of energy; and there aren’t many (great) low-carbon options available.


La conséquence côtoie la cause, en toute décontraction de cette dernière.

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READ THIS: "The car wastes more time than it saves & creates more distance than it overcomes." We’ve known this for a long time. Share this remarkable, completely relevant 1973 essay on car-dependancy by André Gorz, thankfully shared by @UnevenEarth@twitter.com. unevenearth.org/2018/08/the-so

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Juste avant la clôture, je viens de déposer un projet de recherche-action à l'Ademe : "Récits climatiques" (appelsaprojets.ademe.fr/aap/CO).

Documenter entre habitant·es de la vallée de la Drôme le vécu de la crise climatique et de notre consommation d'eau.

Week-end bien mérité !

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Dernière répétition pour une intervention (presque) sans ordinateur. Rendez-vous ce soir à 19h à la Paillasse pour parler "Économie et Design".

Plus d'infos ici : eventbrite.com/e/economie-et-d

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We were warned... The climate emergency and surveillance state.

The lastest episode of @theintercept@twitter.com's podcast is ace!


With the great @NaomiAKlein@twitter.com and @Snowden@twitter.com!


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I’ll say it again — the solution will NEVER be better cars. It will always be less car dependency, fewer cars and better cities.

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Why the appification of everything needs to end: The idea of placing the safety of yourself or a loved one in the hands of an app that's dependent on a server you cannot control is utterly unacceptable.

But there are design alternatives:

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Oh hey, just your reminder that the bank bailout cost $12.8 trillion dollars and we all survived, so don't fucking tell me that we can't afford to continue human life on this planet, m'k? Thanks.


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Jean Jouzel présente le sondage BVA/Orange pour le Forum International de la Météo et du Climat

"Si certains secteurs comme le numérique continue de se développer à la vitesse où ils se développent actuellement, leur contribution au réchauffement sera de 2°C"

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@PAGES_IPO@twitter.com Certains pensent que le réchauffement actuel peut s'expliquer par des facteurs naturels. Non, aucun facteur naturel ne l'explique. Il est entièrement causé par les conséquences de nos rejets de gaz à effet de serre :

A very important thread about the so-called "arbitrary" deadline of action allowing us to stay below 2°C and how it is used by many governing bodies to justify inaction, and how to go beyond the metaphor of the world ending.
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I am feeling increasingly dismayed by the push to discredit political discourse citing the deadline to halt warming at 2C.

Since at least COP 15, in 2009, the entire world has agreed…

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NYC MANHATTAN En 1982, l'artiste Agnes Denes a planté et récolté un champ de blé dans un lot vacant 1 pâté de maisons de Wall Street et je pense à ce sujet tout le temps

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A letter to the future:
"In the next 200 years, all our glaciers are expected to follow the same path.
This monument is to acknowledge that we know what is happening and what needs to be done. Only you know if we did it.
Ágúst 2019
415ppm CO2"


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Just having fun with that app that shows you what you’ll look like in 40 years

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