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Way to go EU! Right to repair—moving forward on actionable impacts for climate change. twitter.com/crshlab/status/117

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"Il est central d’envisager toutes les conséquences sociales et environnementales de l’industrie du numérique, au-delà de son seul usage, pour espérer y remédier."

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Budget 2020 : « Il n’y a pas de volonté forte d’amener le pays vers la transition écologique ou vers une société des savoirs » lemonde.fr/politique/article/2 via @lemondefr@twitter.com

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Dernière répétition pour une intervention (presque) sans ordinateur. Rendez-vous ce soir à 19h à la Paillasse pour parler "Économie et Design".

Plus d'infos ici : eventbrite.com/e/economie-et-d

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We were warned... The climate emergency and surveillance state.

The lastest episode of @theintercept@twitter.com's podcast is ace!


With the great @NaomiAKlein@twitter.com and @Snowden@twitter.com!


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"EU warns climate change could wipe out crop production in Europe"
On the one hand, it is positive that our institutions are awakening to the .
On the other hand... oh shit.

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Even with a fleet of electric vehicles, California will fail to reach its climate targets without a real reduction in driving. The solution isn’t for everyone to buy an electric car. It’s to rethink a system that causes us to drive more in the first place. sfchronicle.com/opinion/openfo

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I’ll say it again — the solution will NEVER be better cars. It will always be less car dependency, fewer cars and better cities.

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Why the appification of everything needs to end: The idea of placing the safety of yourself or a loved one in the hands of an app that's dependent on a server you cannot control is utterly unacceptable.

But there are design alternatives:

Planifier l'obsolescence est un délit en France, défini comme « l’ensemble des techniques par lesquelles un metteur sur le marché vise à réduire délibérément la durée de vie d’un produit pour en augmenter le taux de remplacement ». monde-diplomatique.fr/58505

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I can’t stop thinking about blogging all my potential research papers instead of this slow paper submission process. I want to be in a bigger conversation with relevant data, not sharing 2 or 3 year old stories written perfectly

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"Aucun étudiant ne doit pouvoir valider une formation sans avoir compris les causes & conséquences du et travaillé à l'identification de solutions"
Bravo aux 80 signataires de l'👇
@theShiftPR0JECT@twitter.com @sciencespo@twitter.com

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Oh hey, just your reminder that the bank bailout cost $12.8 trillion dollars and we all survived, so don't fucking tell me that we can't afford to continue human life on this planet, m'k? Thanks.


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- and getting told we’re lucky to be able to watch, to go around the outside.

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Fuck you, buddy. That’s the story of my life, and of every disabled person’s life. Going around things. Looking from the outside. Watching other people enjoy life, art, transport, whatever, the way that it’s ‘supposed’ to be enjoyed

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‘You can go around it’

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