This article sums up why I made the change from WhatsApp to Signal, and why I encourage others to give it a whirl. Play your part in moving the world onto more ethical tech platforms:

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"Beware the paradox of having too much data and still wanting more. Lots of data may build your confidence in these assertions, but it also leads to spending too much time analyzing the data—analysis paralysis. One of the fatal flaws in our business is that we seem to shortchange analysis, never giving ourselves the time or tools to make sense of what we learn."

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A fascinating long read where the author argues that the monopoly of Big Tech is a greater threat to us than Surveillance Capitalism.

I'm pleased to say that my work and personal email accounts are now powered by 100% renewable energy thanks to 🙌

The "DO" card is bridging the worlds of technology, finance, and the environment to make customers aware of the CO2 emissions of their purchases. When customers reach their monthly limit, their transaction will be declined.

Its aim is to empower customers with the data and tools they need to reduce their carbon footprint, and is launching in Sweden.

I've been reading up on Google's Material Design and tried my hand at redesigning Signal's Android app to support background images in chats.

Check out the discussion on Reddit:

I've been reading up on Apple's Human Interface Guidelines and decided to have a go at redesigning Signal's iOS app to support background images in chats.

Today I've been learning about Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines for iOS by recreating Signal's app design following Apple's standards, along with a few experimental UI tweaks of my own along the way.

A few screens from a community mobile website. The platform aimed to help families connect with their local community and find things to do, and improve access to support services services.

You can read the full process here, from discovery research through to usability testing, and see the prototype in action:

Addiction rehabilitation clinic website design 

Addiction rehabilitation clinic website design, completed at the start of the year.

A key challenge was conveying a feeling of hope and lightness to the site, to provide comfort and support to loved ones of addicts or addicts themselves accessing the site.

Live site:
(Designed for and maintained by Digital360)

I recently completed a UI design project for a Melbourne-based blockchain company. The concept for the website was designed to show the company's outspokenness yet professionalism, and help them stand out from a sea of websites with flat, single-colour designs.

The client's currently developing the site.

My partner @lcm2588 and I recently worked on a not-for-profit project to help families in Logan, Queensland to connect with their community and access support services. You can read the case study here

Hey there,! Happy to be here!
I'm a UX designer based in Melbourne, Australia. I'll be tooting snippets of my UI work as well as the case studies I write.

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