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🇬🇧 #Cybersecurity: EU to ban anonymous websites and “whois privacy” services. The LIBE Committee supports indiscriminatory identification of domain holders incl. your phone number in Whois:

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Linux app developers build their apps for a specific desktop environment based on the tools they offer.

Each desktop environment has its own set of Human Interface Guidelines (HIG). These contain components, a visual style, and technical limitations unique to that desktop environment.

For example, KDE gives apps an always-present menu bar, while GNOME tucks menu items away under a hamburger icon.

Designers therefore need to be careful to follow the correct HIG when working on a Linux app.

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@penpot is a free and open-source UI design and prototyping tool whose goal is to make design accessible for everyone.

In its alpha release, it already boasts a huge range of features and is ready to use for building and maintaining design systems, presenting prototypes, conducting usability testing, and creating workspaces for teams.

I can't wait to give it a whirl on my next project!

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“The digital world enables bingeing on a previously unseen scale because there are no practical limitations forcing us to pause.”

As UX Designers, how can we design to prevent our users from developing or strengthening a dependency on their smartphone?

Thumbnail by Tobias Rose-Stockwell, sourced from the linked article on WIRED.

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How Might We reduce the spread of disinformation so that we can protect democracy and public health institutions?

One solution may be adding friction into our online communications. This could shift our brain away from emotional and reactive thought patterns and into a more reflective, considered mode. “Time tells truth.”

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Never anticipated I would add Groups to Pixelfed. I saw how my partner uses FB Groups and it clicked.

This is exactly what we're missing in the fediverse, a means to discover and engage with interests and topics that interest you.

Hashtags and local/network timelines only do so much.

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Metatext is a new Mastodon app for iPhone and iPad. You can follow the developers Metabolist at:

➡️ @metabolist

Metatext is FOSS and has just been released on the App Store:

You can find out more from the official developers' site at

#Metabolist #MetaText #Mastodon #Fediverse #Apps #FOSS #iPhone #iPad #iOS

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Matomo is free open source analytics software, a privacy-friendly Libre alternative to Google Analytics. You can follow at:

➡️ @Matomo

The official site is at

You can self-host it, or use paid-for third party hosting.

It is much better for privacy to use self-hosted analytics as data stays local. Google Analytics sends your users' data to Google.

#Matomo #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Analytics #Business #Privacy #SelfHosting #Productivity

I'm working on a website for an organisation which collaborates with First Nations people of . It's been fascinating to learn more about the history of Australians, in particular the diversity of their languages.

It's incredible to hear these different being spoken and revived in the communities they come from.

AIATSIS has some amazing videos, images, and articles about Aboriginal Australian culture, language and history:

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Check out @dsoft #Watomatic ... finally an auto-reply for Whatsapp so you can inform other people that you are no longer using it!

Bye bye whatsapp #fomo 👋

If you just leave #whatsapp then others will not be aware. They still see your contact appearing and can send messages (which will of course never be read).

Note: Soon the app will be availabe in #fdroid too.

In "Strict tracking protection" mode, now only lets cookies run on the site they originate from. That sounds like another level of online, and I'm all for it.

Came across this fantastic libre and open-source type foundry!
Quirky fonts galore!

Whenever I need a little reminder of the value of UX research and testing, I attempt to hunt down the "News" section on DeviantArt.

If I manage to find it (you won't find it via Google, on the mobile app or the mobile site), the comments by users about every new site update always bring up how the team have neglected to understand what's important to them and failed to prioritise effectively.

What used to be my favourite site as a teen is now a reminder of what happens without research.

Very excited to be kicking off a new research study with Logan Together! We'll be investigating how we can rebuild the organisation's website to support internal staff and external partners to help give kids in Logan a good start in life.

This article sums up why I made the change from WhatsApp to Signal, and why I encourage others to give it a whirl. Play your part in moving the world onto more ethical tech platforms:

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"Beware the paradox of having too much data and still wanting more. Lots of data may build your confidence in these assertions, but it also leads to spending too much time analyzing the data—analysis paralysis. One of the fatal flaws in our business is that we seem to shortchange analysis, never giving ourselves the time or tools to make sense of what we learn."

#design #UserReaserch

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