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Want to mess with the surveillance state? 😈 bit.ly/2KPGkO0

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Do you know any innovative service providers looking to grow? Internet, gaming, healthcare... deploying open access next-gen fiber + edge compute networks in amazing communities, looking for innovators. Plz share if you know any. Thank you neighborly.com/service-provide

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This is complicated. It can be very difficult to make management into a sustainable role when you're trying to be the kind of empathetic and thoughtful manager that people deserve. I'm taking a break from it right now due to burnout. But here are a few thoughts. twitter.com/jefflembeck/status

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me, yesterday: cool, gonna go hang out with some nerds about css and design systems. πŸ€“

me, now: we have to tear down the broken system under this house, unionize, and join roots bc shit's fucked up and it's kinda our bad for making buttons thoughtlessly. πŸ’€

We were all so preoccupied with IF @Arbys@twitter.com had the meats that we never asked SHOULD Arby's have the meats.

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Majestic mattress flight at Denver’s 'open air bed' cinema gone wrong. Quite a sight.

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San Francisco designer arch:

β€’ Intern
β€’ Product Designer
β€’ Lead Designer
β€’ VP of Design & Product
β€’ Blog post: "Why I'm going on a 3 month sabbatical to rethink life"


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Happened a little bit ago but thanks for the 10K y'all :) Let's do a burger key giveaway (goes on a mechanical keyboard)!

πŸ” follow me
πŸ” like & RT
πŸ” tag a friend & comment w/ your favorite burger place (or tag that burger place if you have no friends :<)
πŸ” ends 8/18 9AM PT

That @realDonaldTrump@twitter.com is so comfortable using foreign powers to punish political rivals time and time again is concern for us all.

This also conveniently distracts from the massive plunge of the stock market yesterday, directly caused by his tarrifs.


I guarantee the only reason why startups build offline abilities into software is because of bad internet connections on commutes.

A reminder that the priority of control should be weighted over its flexibility, when safety is a chief consideration.

I guarantee you someone said "let's make this do more" over "what must it do without distraction".

, , @jnd1er@twitter.com


Is a Hot Girl Summer just a more constrained, season-based filter on YOLO?

What about climates that are more temperate year-round?

@GBrinks@twitter.com, @anuradha_murthy@twitter.com - help, I'm old.

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β€œThere is an ancient pact between tools & their users, which says that tools should be used by their users, not the other way around... Attention economies, at their most addictive, violate this pact.” Jonathan Harris

A is actually just three developers in a trench coat.

Mr. Vincent Codeman

I'm just a dude, standing in front of a @figmadesign@twitter.com window, asking it to love me.

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Here's a news: Playdate will be at PAX West 2019! If you're going, please come say hello to us. Hold Playdate in your hands, play a little Crankin', and maybe take home a shirt, your call.

Find us at the Panic booth, 6516, next to Untitled Goose Game. We'll remind you again! πŸ’›

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my 2 month old: i cant sleep daddy i’m afraid of frankenstein

me: haha dont you mean frankenstein’s monster

my 3 month old: i do not. personally i find unethical and irresponsible scientific practice far more terrifying than any physical being and so should you

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We can't fix the problems we don't measure and the @FCC@twitter.com has just taken a major step towards solving the connectivity issue. ISPs will now need to supply accurate broadband coverage maps ow.ly/J5Lt50vqbvH

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