The has expanded to require smartlocks & a required app to use the bathroom.😒

@ZiiX Ha look at this:
"Unlock the door
to a brand new

Just launched! Find and securely access modern restrooms – all through your smartphone

Free for a limited time!"

Disrupting your bodily functions, PaaS.

@ZiiX the layers of horribleness behind "let us get the door for you" + "there's an app for that", ugh

"offloading more work onto service workers," that too

@ZiiX well there's a place i won't visit twice

@ZiiX "you need internet to shit"

Finally internet of shit is a good name.

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@ZiiX So if you're running Firefox OS ur screwed

@ZiiX This shit pisses me off so much. Have you ever had your grocery cart wheels lock up because you took it too far to the edge of the parking lot?

@ZiiX The IoT was a great idea, at least at the beginning. Today, that's more #InternetOfShit, as you said. And c'mon dude, for bathroom! --'

@BioTheWolf @ZiiX Furthermore, the #InternetOfShit if filled to the brim with security holes because unresponsible peps leave default creds instead of changing them.

I remember reading somewhere that a guy has been bricking some unsecure devices to make an Internet chemotherapy. Cuz you know, botnets and massive DDoS attacks using unsecured IoS :blobglare:

Sometimes I just dont understand peps that make this nonsense to open a bathroom door... 🤦

i think that IoS should be used only by some humans that (nearly)-perfectly know how to do something or something else... Moreover, leaving the default creds is -almost- a crime for me, because all your informations -should i say life, for some peps- are kept safe by these creds --' so using the IoS without a proper knowledge is a dumb idea, as good as endangering your privacy.

@ZiiX uh that is like the worst Idea ever. probably the last place you should use that technology.

A small part of me wishes that someone would just block the access of the person who came up with this

@ZiiX I'm so thankful that's a code violation where I live.

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@ZiiX 20Mb much? u can connect to our free WIFI. We will not spy ya.. promise.


It gets worse. There is a LCD screen on the wall showing ads with a waiting list of the people’s names for a virtual line so you don’t have to wait in the physical line. LMAO

@ZiiX w..ow....

have we reached peak appification yet ;_;

@ZiiX too poor for a smartphone? Too poor to use indoor plumbing then

@ZiiX when that gets hacked is that literally hacking my shit
@ZiiX this reminds me: a few years ago, a friend and I were joking about making an app to find public restrooms. we'd call it "Find Your Throne"

Silicon Valley keeps reminding me that even throwaway jokes seem to have business value these days

@ZiiX "let us get the door for you" they say, while inserting a completely unnecessary extra step in to the process of opening a door.

@ZiiX in many European countries you need a smartphone and an app to digitally transfer a fee to use the toilet at a train station.

@ZiiX at least now we don't have to talk to people to get the door open

@ZiiX But what about those who doesn't own a smartphone or just doesn't use proprietary software?

@ZiiX In the Olden Days, many public restrooms cost a dime to access. This fell out of use when it became apparent that customers would simply hold the door open for the next person in line.

@ZiiX HAL please, I need to go to the bathroom!

... “I know what you’re trying to do, Dave, and I’m afraid I cannot allow it.”

@ZiiX It's all fun and games until your bathroom door is roped into in a Moldovan botnet.

@Yulran lol & also why I rolled my eyes at the door, & not you, while guiding you to the non-“SMART” door.

@ZiiX Good to know, I had thought it was actually at me for not understanding where the right door was 😅

@Yulran neva! you know now I wouldn’t have thought that! 🤣

@ZiiX Now looking back, yes! But you might have noticed I'm a slightly anxious person 😅

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