Exploring tesselating shapes for a collectively creative insect hotels workshop.

A great podcast about the invention of emergency medical services, and how Black people's contributions were systemically minimized. Learn how Racism works. 99percentinvisible.org/?post_t

"The creature that wins against its environment destroys itself." -Gregory Bateson

Let your reflection about your experience during inspire others to reflect. When you make a statement on , it is projected on the wall at Dokk1 Library in Aarhus. weused.to/

Shouldn't search be a generic commodity you buy from different providers, so customization of results can be done on your local machine? 

Important podcast for understanding the deep racism and corruption of American police.
Criminal: Episode 143: Knock and Announce thisiscriminal.com/

, on the cause of humanity's current predicament, and betting odds for survival.

Gregory points out that Lamarck had some chops. In the realm of individual learning, the giraffe who stretches his neck repeatedly really does make it longer.

A quick beautiful fox that jumps out of a book, a big cat and a little girl having a picnic on a roof, discover the amazing illustrations of Xi Zhangn, concept artist and illustrator


"Relationship could be used as a basis for definition, and any child could then see that there is something wrong with the sentence " 'Go' is a verb. " Gregory

Here's a survey about learning journeys created by a brilliant friend of friends. Help him gather good data! zemita.net/ljs1.php?391.6790

Study in using technic to lock duplo for relatively strong, large scale structures.

Why don't we use search customization apps that use our data to modify generic results from search engine providers? The customization data need to be shared if it operates on our own machine.

We're testing out an experimental kiosk mode for to project it on walls and large displays. The URL is here: [[weused.to/?kiosk=true&inverted]]

I'm falling out of love with cell phone cameras. What's a good camera for making decent quality video for documenting play activities and sharing online? Easy to use, with a good UI?

I love my sweet little Zettelkasten, and feed and water it each day.

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