When we get stuck building we call in a real handværker friend for advice.

That bittersweet feeling when you realize you have been independantly reinventing ideas someone articulated decades ago, but you are only just now reading. Donald Schön.

Governments all over Europe, including the Dutch, advise their own departments not to use #Office365 for #security & #privacy reasons. Add cost & vendor-lock-in...

There's a viable alternative already widely deployed in Europe! nextcloud.com/industries/gover

Through its Android play store dependencies, Google has used its monopoly to manufacture a penalty for independence in the form of time and complexity.

"Zahavian handicaps" like peacock's tails are thought to be the result of sexual selection. Is the female peacock responsible? Should women bear responsibility for stupid self-destructive handsome men?

Spent the morning installing acoustic ceiling tile in the woodworking shop with fellow volunteers at . It's coming along.

"I used to keep desperately running through life like I was on a treadmill. Now I appreciate the beauty of stillness." weused.to/?id=463

Nextcloud Hub was "a serious leap forward" according to Forbes, the "open-source competitor to Office 365 and Google Docs". Read for yourself!


We are happy to announce the release of #YunoHost 3.7 \o/ ! 🎉

It's been a complicated one, but finally it's there ! Coming with :
- 🔐 a brand new user group system to manage apps access permissions
- 💻🔨 robustness improvements in the way we handle app installs and upgrades
- 🗣️ quite a lot of messages improvements, string cleaning, language rework, and so many translations updates !

All infos:

📦 You may have also heard that our #Nextcloud app got upgraded to 18.x !

Someone made a free open source platform for self hosting your own cloud, and I am stoked to try it. yunohost.org/#/apps

"I used to accept that climate change is inevitable. Now I think we can make changes." weused.to/?id=18

Bricolage is about combining materials and ideas from different realms to make something new and useful. When, in school, did you encounter the circumstances necessary to practice this kind of creativity?

"I used to be annoyed that my street was so busy all the time. Now I miss hearing life passing by my windows." weused.to/?id=104

"I used to think that many things were set in stone. Now I feel that there is a sense that the world could be different." weused.to/


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