This teletinkering thing I'm trying to invent makes pretty good hipster album covers.

Has anyone ever invented a valuable technology, patented it and licensed it exclusively for non-commercial use? As in - anyone can build it, but no one can sell it?

Is there a federated / activity pub cross poster that sends to Facebook / Instagram? I think this is the only viable alternative to working directly in Facebook for my community makerspace.

Today I'm giving an online talk about creative learning for some librarians using one of my favorite technologies: books.

You can bring your hands and whatever they are working on to the video call with and a webcam.

In Survival of the Friendliest, Hare is recapitulating the anarchist philosopher Kropotkin's emphasis that nature is filled with examples of cooperation. Nicely done too.

I have an intuition that enabling people to make pieces of a large scale public structure is empowering. But that requires a balance between individual agency and a durable shared aesthetic. How to get the right balance of freedom and constraint?

How do we enable groups to think and sketch together about what to create? Here I gave creators cardboard cutouts to imagine what shapes to assemble the insect hotels.

Collective creativity: when you build an insect hotel you get to chose where to add it onto the structure. Then we see what emerges.

What will it take for you to , if delivering lies for profit and helping to destroy American democracy isn't enough?

Exploring tesselating shapes for a collectively creative insect hotels workshop.

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