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if you can read this then you're fun, cute and talented ❀️

Either I'm not following enough design minded people on here or the design community here is lulling.

What's everyone working on?

Either I'm not following enough design minded people on here or the design community here is lulling.

What's everyone working on?

I'm looking to book in work for 2019, so if you're looking for a remote freelance front-end designer / developer, hit me up.

I could help you with:
πŸ“ Prototyping, concepts and MVPs
πŸš€ Front-end development (HTML, CSS, JS, React, Vue)
βœ… #a11y and inclusive design

Best ways to get in touch:
🐦DMs open here

Boosts appreciated.

I'm part of a few Slacks that are for a variety of topics, but are there any front-end orientated Slacks that you'd recommend? Ones that are helpful, kind and welcoming to newcomers as well as the more experienced?

@hankchizljaw snooping on your Stars: omi js seems interesting, tried it out but got stuck on the custom element attributes coming through

Anyone else using Toot! app and getting issues with notifications? Just noticed that I’m getting them on my old account and not this one (.design instance) πŸ€”

Just stumbled onto a site that has cursor: pointer set of every element. This is upsetting

Had an impulse to buy a domain along the lines of "Accessible CSS" so showcase simple tricks, properties, values and media queries that assist in making content more accessible / user friendly.
However calling "Accessible CSS" makes it sound like the CSS itself should be accessible πŸ€”

My wife found my first ever job offer letter and it’s awful. If people are interested in finding out what a first time designer graduate gets offered around 10 years let me know 😬

A call for and women / non binary people out here on Mastodon. I want to follow more of you, especially ! πŸ‘‹πŸΏπŸ‘‹πŸΎπŸ‘‹πŸ½πŸ‘‹πŸΌ

This is smart as heck. What better way to teach folks about the <details> element than using the elements themselves to structure the post?

Hopefully, this neat angle will open up a really handy and more importantly, accessible, native HTML element to those (including me) who would previously use JavaScript.


As much as I love making small-scale static sites I still think sometimes it's better to refer people to one of the big website builders out there.
Yes, the code quality isn't great, but trying to charge hundreds (maybe thousands) from someone with a small business isn't going to work out for either of you.

I made this page / repo ages ago just so I could refer back to them when I needed the mac cursors, people still seem to find it

I'm wanting to use Hacktoberfest to help people with their static site projects on GitHub, mainly Jekyll for obvious reasons. Any little quirks or issues you're having just let me know and link me to the repo πŸ‘

Rather sad hearing a cold call marketer give up on the phone 🎻

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